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Generous Toddlers In New Study May Explain The Root Of Altruism

It's hard to find a definitive answer to the age-old question: Are humans born good or evil?

Christina Coughlin
February 5

Made A Resolution To Volunteer More In 2020? Read This First

Expert-approved tips on how to put your skills to the best possible use.

Bonnie Culbertson
January 3

People Judge Competence In A Tenth Of A Second Based On Your Clothes

Researchers at Princeton University found that people shown wearing "richer" clothing were viewed as more competent.

Eliza Sullivan
December 14 2019

The World's Wild Potatoes Might Save Their Domesticated Cousins

Global collection efforts looked to provide the basis for strengthening our crops.

Eliza Sullivan
December 4 2019

This Map Highlights The Best & Worst Places For Food Sustainability

The researchers took everything into account and presented their findings on a world map.

Eliza Sullivan
November 27 2019

There's A 'Food Apartheid' Happening In L.A. & You Can Help Stop It

Learn how to support Olympia Auset and her work to bring fresh food to the south side.

Emma Loewe
September 14 2019
PAID CONTENT FOR Susan G. Komen 3-Day®

Fitness Travel #Goals: Charity Walks Are The Best New Way To See A City

This 60-mile walk has raised over $848 million to support the mission to end breast cancer.

July 15 2019

How To Advocate For A Loved One With A Mental Health Condition

Think of yourself as the CEO of your (or your loved one's) health.

Adrienne Nolan-Smith
May 22 2019

Why The Health Benefits Of Community Parks Really Can't Be Overstated

In cities like Birmingham, the park Rx idea is catching on on a large scale.

Emma Loewe
April 24 2019