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No Lie: This Supplement Is Like An Internal Humidifier For Your Skin

Here's another route to happy, hydrated skin, without investing in a high-tech humidifier.

Jamie Schneider
November 28 2020

What Your Brows Are Trying To Tell You (Hint: You May Need This Supplement)

Your brows have a near-magical ability to frame your face. Here, how to help them look their best.

Alexandra Engler
November 28 2020

This *One* Extra Step Can Help You Defy Wintry Skin Once & For All

This extra step truly goes the extra mile—especially during the winter.

Jamie Schneider
November 25 2020

Olive Oil Is Great For Cooking, But Is It Great For Your Face, Too?

The oil certainly makes the rounds for good reasons: It's full of good-for-you nutrients.

Alexandra Engler
November 22 2020

Here's How To Dry All Those Herbs That Are About To Go Bad, From An Herbalist

There are lots of ways to dry herbs, and so many ways to use them up.

Sarah Regan
November 20 2020

If Your Hair Is Feeling Dry & Brittle Lately, Your Water May Be To Blame

Don't worry: Dealing with hard water doesn't have to be hard.

Alexandra Engler
November 18 2020