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5 Quick, No-Fuss Hairstyling Tips For All Your Virtual Meetings

To prepare for meetings and virtual get-togethers, here are some expert-approved styling advice.

Jamie Schneider
April 20

3 Skin-Beautifying Benefits (And Uses!) Of African Black Soap

Meet the West African ingredient that deserves a spot in your shower.

Krista Soriano
April 20

Want Shiny Locks Almost Instantly? Here Are 7 Simple DIY Hair Masks

Much like there's plenty of good-for-skin ingredients you might have in your pantry, you can whip up a kitchen-made DIY hair mask quite effortlessly...

Alexandra Engler
April 18

At What Age Should You Start Taking Collagen? The Answer May Surprise You

When the popular ingredient is associated with words like "firmer skin" and "youthful," it can be tricky to know at what age you should start taking...

Natural Healthy Aging Tips For Those In Their 40s (That Seriously Work)

This is the prime decade to take a prevent-and-protect approach to your skin.

Erin Flaherty
April 17

DIY A Face Mask (The, Uh, Beauty Kind) With Whatever You Have At Home

If you can find joy in small, comforting rituals or treats, we think it's worth trying.

Alexandra Engler
April 11