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3 Surprising SPF Tips We Can Actually Get Behind For Glowing Skin

We're in the throes of spring—and with it, the promise of better weather, more outdoor time, and shedding layers of clothing.

Vitamin C Day Is Here: 3 Reasons To Celebrate + Our Favorite Selects

If there's any reason to celebrate one of our favorite antioxidants—we'll go ahead and take it.

Jamie Schneider
April 4

4 At-Home Glosses That'll Add Shine To Your Post-Winter Strands

After this winter—this long winter—I certainly feel the urge for a refresh.

3 Skin Care Tips To Try Right Now — Before Summer Hits

It's in the air, no? By "it" I mean the breathless anticipation of summer and all that it brings.

A Genius Hack For Removing Stubborn Polish (No Remover Required)

You don't need to drench your tips in remover to rock a truly bare nail.

Jamie Schneider
April 2

This Underrated Tea Can Help Banish Stubborn Breakouts

Sip away for glowing skin. It almost sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

Jamie Schneider
April 2

This Makeup Trick Uses A Surprising Product For "Bigger Lips"

For any makeup fan, you know how important it is to add dimension to your look.

Alexandra Engler
March 31

You've Heard Of Pimple Patches — Now Welcome Dark Spot Patches

By now, you've likely seen pimple patches. May we interest you in dark spot patches?

Alexandra Engler
March 25