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Why Sober Flirting Is The Secret To Meeting Your Soul Mate + Having Better Sex

"When you flirt, you're doing two things: You're making a proposition for what you want and a case for why you deserve it."

Biet Simkin
August 11 2016

I Wore A Bikini On Facebook Live & Got Body-Shamed. Here's How I Stayed Strong

"Would you put on a bathing suit, walk into a corporate office, stand under horrific fluorescent lighting, be filmed on a camera phone and broadcast...

Kate Eckman
August 9 2016

5 Things You Need To Know If You're In An Abusive Relationship

"We accept the love we think we deserve." —Stephen Chbosky

Ana Cortes
August 7 2016

Your Body's Not The Problem. Here's The REAL Reason Your Clothes Don't Fit

"'Normal' bodies are a myth, just like Santa Claus or the Loch Ness Monster."

Merin Guthrie
August 5 2016

The ONE Mental Shift You Need For Mind-Blowing Sex

"But there is one thing holding you back from experiencing that mind-blowing sex you deeply crave—and that is fear. More specifically, it's your inner...

Melissa Ambrosini
August 4 2016

The Secret To Happy, Healthy Relationships Is This Counterintuitive Shift

Turns out the secret to happy relationships is the opposite of what you might think.

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
July 26 2016

What It's Really Like To Have Bulimia + How I Finally Recovered

"Maybe I am courageous for telling my truth (I'm not sure), but what I know, for sure, is that vulnerability is never weakness—which means I am...

Nadyne Hicks
July 21 2016

7 Ways To Feel More Confident Right Now

"You can only get to know your true self when you choose to walk alone once in awhile—when you let go of who you think you're supposed to be."

Carine Genicot
July 17 2016

How Sex Helped Me Recover From My Eating Disorder

"The practice of tantra connected me to my heart and taught me how to move into my desires."

Shayna Hiller
July 17 2016

How One Woman Lost 135 Pounds + The Recipes That Helped Her Get There

"I can, I want to, I choose to eat a full slice of this cake and love deeply all the many bites I take. I linger on the cocoa flavor, the suede...

July 6 2016

The Single Most Important Factor In Finding The Love Of Your Life

"That four-word response puzzled and inspired me. After seeing so many divorces and miserable couples, I figured love was complex: that happiness in a...

Daniel Dowling
July 5 2016

Can You Have A Great Relationship Without Great Sex?

If you're not having great sex, YOU might be the problem. Here's how to fix it.

Biet Simkin
July 1 2016

A Ritual For Boosting Your Self-Esteem As Soon As You Get Out Of Bed

Kathryn Budig's secret to getting energized and inspired in the first five minutes of your day.

Kathryn Budig
June 18 2016
PAID CONTENT FOR Susan Cain, the author of Quiet

Susan Cain Spills The Inspiration Behind "Quiet" & How She's Changing The Landscape For Introverts

"I basically walked around the world for a few years with all my apertures open, looking at everything through the lens of introversion and...

June 17 2016

How To Attract An Authentic, Committed Partner

“How can I be honest about what I need without being considered 'needy'?”

Giordana Toccaceli
June 14 2016

3 Things I Learned When I Stopped Weighing Myself Every Day

"We panic at the thought of really trusting our bodies."

Jennifer Hand
June 11 2016