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How To Get Angry As A Child Abuse Survivor (And Why It Matters)

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and neglect, I recently discovered that anger was nearly absent from my emotional vocabulary. Not only was I...

Kat Love
August 25 2015

I Didn't Get A Job Because I Was A Size 12. Now I'm A Body-Positive Role Model

After graduating college with a BFA in Theater, I found my career passion as a teaching artist at various dance studios around New York City. I was a...

Kelly Wadler
August 14 2015

How Surviving Anorexia Taught Me Self-Love

When I was young, my mother loved to cook. There was little processed food in our house and mom made it a point to create wholesome, nourishing meals...

Lara Hudson
August 13 2015

Why Some People Thrive & Others Barely Survive During Tough Times

Why are some people able to tolerate and bounce back from hardship easier than others? Is it genetics? Are they hard-wired that way?

I Felt Inferior My Whole Life. Here's How I Overcame That

Here were the five things I did on my journey that I want to share with you as tips to help you own your truth and claim your worth.

Kristin Hartjes, D.C.
August 11 2015

What Unveiling Your Spiritual Truth Actually Means + Why It's Necessary

When you were born, you were completely aware of the following Truths:

Christine Hassler
August 9 2015

5 Ways You're (Accidentally) Making Yourself Miserable

The world we live in does a great job of creating the illusion of perfection. Stories of romance and dream jobs, images of beauty and functional...

Megan Bruneau, M.A.
August 6 2015

I'm Dating A Man 12 Years Younger. Here's How I Deal With Judgment

I had to get over my own insecurities about being with someone over a decade younger.

Amanda Laden
August 5 2015

6 Things Body-Positive People Do Every Day

As they took their seats in the auditorium, 50 middle school-aged girls sized me up, wondering if this girls-only gathering would be worth their time....

Annette Sloan
July 21 2015

3 Steps To Regain Confidence When Your Insecurities Get Triggered

Last week I got an email from my ex-boyfriend. He asked me for a favor: he wanted to get in contact with someone I know. And in his email, he spelled...

Shelly Bullard, MFT
July 17 2015

4 Qualities Of Highly Attractive People

Attraction is the energy that draws people closer to us. Attraction creates desire, intrigue and deeper connections in relationships. Attraction is...

Shelly Bullard, MFT
July 15 2015

7 Tips For Loving & Honoring Your Body (Yes, Even The "Flaws")

It's become part of what it means to be human: point out something about yourself you don’t like, a perceived flaw that needs to be fixed.

Kate Eckman
July 15 2015

10 Ways To Remind Yourself You're Worth It

As a therapist who helps women manage career stress and relationship issues, I find that the root of many problems we face in these areas have to do...

How I Finally Stopped Blaming My Body For My Romantic Frustration

The first step in finding love will always be knowing you are worthy of it.

Kelly Wadler
July 4 2015

6 Valuable Life Lessons You Receive From A Breakup

After my breakup and divorce, life was a struggle. My feelings of sadness crushed me, and I felt consumed and controlled by the pain. Furthermore, I...

Vishnu Subramaniam
July 1 2015

Why It's Totally OK To Feel Sad & Lonely

Most of last year I was sad. There were lots of moments I felt myself trying to talk through the feeling with friends with the hope that I could...

Kavita Patel
June 26 2015