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How To Be Imperfect & Still Perfectly Happy

I am broken and that's OK ... because we all are.

Kim Manfredi
January 14 2015

Want To Find Out What You Really Want? Ask These Essential Questions

As a life coach my focus is typically on helping my clients look toward the future, dream big and gain the courage to do whatever it is they want in...

Caroline Zwickson, M.A.
December 31 2014

A Step-By-Step Guide To Apologizing With Integrity

How do you apologize with strength, with integrity, while also showing vulnerability and compassion?

Patricia Thompson, Ph.D.
December 27 2014

7 Signs You're Underestimating Yourself

I was taught to be modest and humble. Even though my family was well-off, my parents hid their success and often seemed to feel shame around buying...

Jenn Scalia
December 8 2014

5 Keys To Being Single & Deeply Happy

American culture teaches us that in order to be happy, or at least fully happy, you have to be in a loving relationship with a partner.

Maya Diamond, M.A., MFT
December 5 2014

What Self-Loving People Do Differently

I used to look at people who were successful, healthy and happy, wondering, "What's their secret? Why can't I do that?"

Vironika Tugaleva
December 4 2014

5 Mental Strategies To Boost Your Confidence

There are research-based strategies that will help you get to the root of the thinking patterns that undermine you.

Patricia Thompson, Ph.D.
December 3 2014

25 Signs You're A "Real" Adult

While watching a friend pout like a five-year old, I was reminded that everyone attains levels of personal growth at different times, and age has...

Kim Shand
November 19 2014

What Childhood Bullying Does To Your Body Image Later In Life

If you ask most adults if they were bullied as a child and their answer is yes, they can usually tell you their earliest bullying memory in great...

Dr. Carol Langlois
November 19 2014

Yoga Saved My Marriage

I'm that girl: the one who married her high school sweetheart, the one who had two kids and the white picket fence life. From the outside looking in,...

Jessica Wyman
November 17 2014

How Practicing Self-Compassion Can Lead To Enlightenment

Self-compassion allows you to meet life with an open-heartedness, and a tolerance that allows you to fully enjoy your successes and better manage the...

Polly Campbell
November 12 2014

5 Reasons To Get Naked More Often

As women, how often do we really see each other au naturel and actually feel comfortable?

Samantha Rose
November 8 2014

How Being Selfish Can Make You A Better Person

Everyone is selfish (yes, even you). But selfishness can be either unhealthy or healthy. "Healthy selfishness," as I like to call it, can be thought...

Blake D. Bauer
October 29 2014