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7 Effective Ways To Make Boundaries In Relationships

"Here the seven most effective ways to stop settling for less than you deserve in relationships."

Alison Lessard
October 13 2016

Here's How I Healed After Years Of Emotional Eating And Alcohol Abuse

"I would purposely suppress any emotions my body would try to bring to the surface because I felt it was easier than dealing with reality."

Carly Hicks
October 12 2016

3 Spices To Heal Your Acne From The Inside Out

Incorporating spices and herbs into your daily self-care rituals can heal the skin from the inside out.

Anjali Lobo
September 28 2016

How To Break Free From Self-Limiting Labels & Embrace Your Full Potential

"To be truly powerful requires that you get in touch with the entire range of yourself. All aspects of yourself. All shades of the rainbow of your...

Kute Blackson
September 23 2016

How Changing Genders Helped Me Drop 50 Pounds, Quit Smoking & Finally Love Myself

After spending more than two decades with his wife and best friend, Nathan Egan found himself at a crossroads. As his marriage began to fall apart, he...

September 21 2016

3 Tantric Exercises That'll Make You Feel Sexier & More Confident Than Ever

"Put on your big-girl panties and stop waiting for a knight in shining armor to come and make you feel worthy. You need to establish your own worth....

Psalm Isadora
September 16 2016

A Tantric Expert's Secrets To Loving Your Body No Matter What

"You can't just say you're insecure and then make it everyone else's job to make you feel better. You have the power to change."

Psalm Isadora
September 9 2016

The Stress Of Self-Abandonment Might Be Making You Sick

"Giving myself up was the opposite of being loving — it was a form of control. I was trying to control others' love and approval, rather than learning...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
August 29 2016

Why Growing Up In An Alcoholic Family Was The Key To Finding True Self-Love

"My inner critic showed up when I was about eight years old, and growing up in an alcoholic family. Through the dysfunction that alcoholism breeds, I...

Diane Altomare
August 27 2016

I Have Bipolar Disorder. Here's How I Stopped Letting It Define Me

"My bipolar disorder colored every relationship I had. It was the filter that people saw me through. Truthfully, at that time, it was the filter I saw...

Lauren Polly
August 18 2016

Why Doing This ONE Thing Can Dramatically Change Your Relationship With Your Body

"It reminded me that I CAN wear clothes where I am now and feel confident in the body I have."

Jennifer Hand
August 18 2016

5 Tips For Dealing With Uncertainty In A New Relationship

"You might think you don't have the capacity to deal with not knowing. But you do. Here's how."

Rhonda Milrad, LCSW
August 16 2016

The One Question You Need To Ask If You REALLY Want To Change Your Life

"In some way or another, the choices we make each and every day are a reflection of how we truly feel about ourselves."

Sophie Gray
August 15 2016

How Finding Your "Happy Place" Will Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

Instead of hiding away and dwelling on all of your "flaws," have a go-to a mental space that makes you feel good.

Brittney daCosta
August 15 2016

5 Ways To Create Meaning In Your Life — No Matter The Circumstance

"When we step into our authenticity and live rooted in resilience against outside influences, people dig that shit! And it gives them permission to do...

Paula Stephens
August 14 2016