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I Spent 10+ Years Testing Fitness Trackers & My Top Pick Is Currently $150 Off

Finally, a fitness tracker that's sleek, stylish, and on sale.

#running #Walking #Mental fitness #Home Workout

Tempted To Try The "75 Soft" Challenge? Read This First

The better version of the 75 Hard, in my opinion

#alcohol #Walking #Mental fitness
Hannah Frye
February 29

5 Things To Do More (& 3 Things To Do Less) For Stellar Mental Health

Time to embrace new patterns and let go of habits that aren't serving you.

#Mental fitness #empowerment #stress #anxiety #journaling
Tamieka Welsh, MSW
February 25

I'm A Psychiatrist: I Want You To Try These Proven Ways To Be Less Pessimistic

Here's how to start to think more positively.

#joy #Journey #Mental fitness
Sue Varma, MD
February 24

How To Overcome Shame & Let Yourself Be Seen, According To A Psychologist

How to stop judging yourself and others.

#anxiety #empowerment #Mental fitness
Devon Price, Ph.D.
February 7

Black Friday Cold Plunge Tub Deals 2024: Plunge, Sun Home & More

Hurry! These discounts won't last.

#Mental fitness
Braelyn Wood
November 24 2023

I Swear These Shoes Transformed My Workouts (& They’re 30% Off)

Your next lift session will see a major improvement.

#Strength Training #Mental fitness #Home Workout
Carleigh Ferrante
October 28 2023

The Surprising Health Benefits Of Fidgeting & How To Use It To Your Advantage

Sitting still could be getting in the way of your creativity.

#brain #Mental fitness
Liz Moody
October 18 2023

12 Things A Psychologist Wants You To Eat To Keep Anxiety At Bay

A psychologist weighs in on how to use the gut-brain connection to your advantage.

#Mental fitness #anxiety #Nutrients
Lauren Cook, PsyD
October 3 2023

What We're Getting Wrong About The Mind-Body Connection, According To Research

Every thought you have affects every part of your body.

#Mental fitness #longevity
Ellen Langer, PhD
September 13 2023

Hard Mental Health Day? Here's What A Psychologist Says You Should Do

Cheers to better mental health and dedicated self-care. 

#stress #Mental fitness #journaling #sleep
Hannah Frye
September 11 2023

Celeb Trainer Megan Roup's Best Tips On Making Wellness More Fun

Plus, her thoughts on diet culture and beauty routines.

#clean beauty school #Mental fitness #confidence
Alexandra Engler
September 5 2023

Here's What Happened When I Walked 20,000 Steps Every Day For 2 Weeks

I didn't expect to love it as much as I did.

#Walking #Mental fitness #stress #anxiety
Francesca Bond
August 28 2023

I'm Addicted To Data Tracking — Here's How The Whoop Performs

There's more to health tracking than movement.

#sleep #Mental fitness
Carleigh Ferrante
August 20 2023

Here's How Long You Need To Stay In An Ice Bath For It To Work, Per Experts

The kind of stress we can get behind.

#Mental fitness #stress #anxiety #sleep #pain
Brittany Natale
August 15 2023

I Struggled To Manage My Depression & OCD For Years — Until I Found This Therapy

Though less well known than talk therapy, DBT is a modality that combines elements of cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal systems, and...

#Invisible Illness #Mental fitness #Trauma
Caitlyn Somers
August 12 2023

How A Neuroscientist Helps Kids Deal With Temper Tantrums

Here is an idea of something you can do with your child: sit down and create your own “mental first aid kit.”

#confidence #stress #Mental fitness

A Therapist Breaks Down 8 Common Responses To Loss

However you choose to view your rhythm, remember that you are not grieving wrong; you never could.

#grief #Mental fitness
Gina Moffa, LCSW, MA
August 1 2023

Yes, You Really Burn This Many Calories From Reading For An Hour

But don't put away the gym shoes yet.

#mbgsupplements #energy #Mental fitness

The Scientific Reason You Shouldn't Listen To Music In The Shower

Don't scoff just yet.

#mbgpodcast #brain #manifesting #Mental fitness
Jamie Schneider
July 17 2023