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Betcha Haven't Heard These: 3 Secrets For True Success That Lasts

Check out these tried-and-true tips.

#mbgpodcast #Mental fitness
Jason Wachob
March 6 2023

Thanks To This Nootropic, I Stay Focused & Energized Even On My Busiest Days

This plant-powered formula energizes my work life (and my evenings and weekends).

#mbgsupplements #Mental fitness #focus
Emma Engler, M.S.
March 3 2023

How I Finally Found A Couples' Therapist Both My Partner & I Connect With

This app will make your relationship better.

#Mental fitness
Ella Dorval Hall
February 22 2023

I Had Panic Attacks For Years — Until I Tried This Type Of Therapy

Ketamine therapy helped me understand my pain

#Mental fitness #pain #Invisible Illness
Jordan Younger
February 18 2023

How To Ground Yourself When You Feel Uncomfortable In Your Body

A healthy relationship with your body begins by being comfortable with your physicality.

#Mental fitness #empowerment #energy
Deepak Chopra
February 1 2023

How A Nutritional Psychiatrist Supports Cognition On The Daily

Don't overlook the nutritional power of this underrated fish.

#Mental fitness #brain #energy
Olivia Giacomo
January 27 2023

Feeling Stuck? Here's How To Reframe The Inner Narratives Holding You Back

When your core beliefs are wrong and misguided, trouble is always brewing—if not today, then in some worrisome future.

#Mental fitness #yoga
Deepak Chopra
January 25 2023

How I Healed From PTSD & Learned To Feel At Home In My Body Again

I once thought I’d never feel at home in my body again, and every day, I’m grateful to be here. 

#Mental fitness #toxic relationships #Invisible Illness

Let's Settle This: Is Crying Good Or Bad For Your Skin? Derms Weigh In

Don't hold back your tears any time soon.

#Mental fitness #depression #anxiety #skin care #stress
Hannah Frye
January 18 2023

Of All The Fitness Products Our Editors Tried In 2023, These Are Their Favorites

Trust, they're fully worth the hype.

#Mental fitness #Home Workout #Simple starts
Carleigh Ferrante
January 6 2023

Considering Therapy? Here's Where To Start + Questions For Your First Session)

Plus, questions to ask in your first session.

#Mental fitness
Carleigh Ferrante
January 5 2023

Why "Doing Nothing" Won't Fix Your Burnout + What To Try Instead

Are you resting, or rejuvenating?

#empowerment #Mental fitness #stress
Katina Bajaj
January 3 2023

Productivity Culture Is Dangerous — Here's How I Unplug From It

As an author, actor, and podcast host, Christopher Rivas sees storytelling as a way to disrupt what we believe is possible.

#Mental fitness #Purpose
Emily Kelleher
January 1 2023

I Had Extreme Burnout & Anxiety — This Ancient Practice Changed Everything

Ultimately, the intersection of science and spirituality gave me solace.

#Invisible Illness #Mental fitness #yoga
Manoj Dias
December 31 2022

The Best Meditation Pillows To Make Your Home & Your Life Feel Way More Zen

Drop and give me zen.

#Guided Meditations #Mental fitness
Jenna Tidd
December 26 2022

My Family Trauma Nearly Destroyed My Body — Here's How I Recovered

I was so focused on watching out for my loved ones that I never considered taking care of myself.

#Invisible Illness #pain #Mental fitness
Serena Poon CN, CHC, CHN
December 24 2022

Is Your Partner A Narcissist? Take This 5-Minute Test To Find Out

Only a medical professional can diagnose someone with narcissistic personality disorder, but if you've noticed signs and need a quick gut check, this...

#toxic relationships #Mental fitness
Kelly Gonsalves
December 21 2022

Are Ice Baths Worth It? What Experts Say About Their Benefits

Who's ready to take the plunge?

#Mental fitness #stress #anxiety #sleep
Julia Guerra
December 16 2022

I've Been In Therapy For Years & This Online Platform Showed Me The Missing Piece

With the Betterhelp online therapy app, members can text, live chat, and schedule video calls with trained and certified therapists around the world.

#Mental fitness
Jessie Quinn
December 14 2022