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If You Love Matcha, You Have To Try This Mood-Lifting Focus Supplement*

mindbodygreen's focus+ is everything I need in a nootropic and more.

#mbgsupplements #focus #Mental fitness
Morgan Chamberlain
July 8 2023

This Outdoor Sport Boosts Endorphins & Increases Endurance — How To Get Started

Skip the high intensity & opt for adventure.

#movement cures #Home Workout #Mental fitness
Jessie Quinn
June 30 2023

This Supplement May Support Brain Activity In Those With Depression

As a society, we're talking about mental health more than ever before.

#depression #Mental fitness #gut health

My Mental Health Condition Was Dismissed For Years—How I’m Finally Owning It

At the end of the day, I have bipolar disorder, but bipolar disorder can't have me.

#Mental fitness #Invisible Illness
Jessica Groff
June 10 2023

I'm A Nutritional Psychiatrist & This Is My Go-To Smoothie For Brain Health

It's only 6 ingredients, and each one packs a functional kick.

#smoothies #brain #Mental fitness
Emma Loewe
June 7 2023

Boost Your Brainpower & Tap Into Your Creativity With This Nootropic

Time to focus on brain health.

#brain #omegas #omega-3 #Mental fitness #mbgsupplements
Hannah Frye
May 21 2023

The Top 3 Ways To Manage Your Stress This Mental Health Awareness Month

Anyone else ever been stressed out by all the different ways to deal with stress?

#partner #stress #anxiety #Mental fitness
Devon Barrow
May 18 2023
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5 Steps To Whole-Person Health (And The Tools To Get You There)

Whole-person health isn't just about getting that annual check-up… It's about tending to the whole spectrum of physical and mental health—from fitness...

#partner #Mental fitness #healthy aging
Devon Barrow
May 3 2023

I'm A Nutrition PhD & This Mood-Hacking Supplement Always Eases My Stress

This is my herbal calm to carry on.

#mbgsupplements #Mental fitness #stress

I Lost My Brother To A Mental Health Battle: What I Wish More People Knew

What I've learned about being there for him

#Invisible Illness #Mental fitness
Harris Schwartzberg
April 22 2023

5 Life Lessons I've Learned From Reviewing 225,000+ Brain Scans

First and foremost: You aren't stuck with the brain you have.

#brain #Mental fitness
Daniel Amen, M.D.
April 17 2023

How Nutritional Psychiatrists Prescribe Food For Better Mental Health

Turns out the benefits of leafy greens and salmon extend to your mind.

#Mental fitness #Vitamin D #Nutrients
Steph Eckelkamp
April 15 2023

5 Ways To Support Your Cognitive Health Today & For Years To Come

It's never too early to care for your brain.

#brain #mbgsupplements #Mental fitness
Morgan Chamberlain
April 11 2023

I Tried Online Therapy With Talkspace & Betterhelp — Here's How The Two Compare

We went to therapy for you.

#Mental fitness #anxiety #stress
Jessie Quinn
April 8 2023

Do This For 45 Minutes To Majorly Cut Down Your Cortisol Levels

Here's how to make the arts become a regular practice.

#music #Mental fitness #journaling #stress
Ivy Ross
March 29 2023

Is Being A "Bad Sleeper" Genetic? Here's What The Science Says

Your genes are not your destiny.

#sleep week #sleep #Mental fitness
Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
March 13 2023

My Parents Thought I Had A Brain Tumor — Then I Got This Misunderstood Diagnosis

When my behavior changed dramatically, my parents searched for answers.

#Invisible Illness #Mental fitness #brain
mbg editorial
March 11 2023

Betcha Haven't Heard These: 3 Secrets For True Success That Lasts

Check out these tried-and-true tips.

#mbgpodcast #Mental fitness
Jason Wachob
March 6 2023