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Do *This* Before You Shower For Hydrated Skin, Says An Esthetician

One of the biggest culprits for dry, wintry skin? Your shower habits.

Jamie Schneider
February 1 2022

8 Sneaky Reasons For Dry Lips & How To Hydrate Them Naturally

Dry lips are a common nuisance. But between the cracking and peeling, dry lips can often be more than just uncomfortable — it can even start to feel a...

Emily Rekstis
January 31 2022

These 2 Supplements Might Be The Key To Youthful Skin — Here's Why

If you're looking for smoother, more youthful-looking skin, mbg readers say that these two supplements help reduce fine lines, improve hydration, and...

Alexandra Engler
January 28 2022

27 Users Say This Body Lotion Saves Dry, Sensitive Skin

Sometimes the best advice comes straight from the buyers: Does it work or not? Here's what real mbg postbiotic body lotion users had to say.

Alexandra Engler
January 22 2022