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Drinking Water Is Wellness 101 ... But Are Electrolytes Even More Important?

Drinking water has so many benefits, so what do we need to know about our hydration needs and even overhydration?

Ryan Brady
October 27 2021
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Hydration Rules: The 4 Facts & Myths You Need To Know About Water

Getting into a hydration habit is the No. 1 thing you can do for your wellness, so let's take it one rule at a time.

Devon Barrow
July 16 2021
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The Guide To Healthy Summer Hydration: A Flavor For Every Occasion

Because while we all have the best intentions to hydrate, sometimes we need extra motivation.

Devon Barrow
June 29 2021
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Mood Making: How Drinking More Water Can Benefit Your Emotions

Perhaps it's the fact that our bodies are 60% water, but it seems to make intuitive sense that drinking more water greatly benefits our emotions.

Devon Barrow
June 17 2021
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The Hydration Habit: 5 Creative Ways To Drink More Water

Check out these creative ways to help turn hydration into a habit.

Devon Barrow
June 4 2021

This Is The First Thing A Neuroscientist Checks When Patients Have Brain Fog

She sees plenty of patients looking to cut through the mental noise and feel sharp once again.

Jamie Schneider
May 28 2021