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Got An Itchy Scalp? Try This Easy DIY Remedy To Soothe Your Roots ASAP

Having an itchy scalp is annoying, to say the least.

#skin care #hair #diy beauty #essential oils
Hannah Frye
March 10

So, "Stress Sweat" Is A Thing – But Here's How To Stop The Stench

Why does it smell so much worse?

#skin care #essential oils
Jamie Schneider
March 10

The Quick Hack Experts Use To Make Perfume Last Longer & Smell Even Better

Fragrance is personal.

#skin care #essential oils #Like A Pro
Hannah Frye
March 9

Why Holistic Doctors Want You To Stop Burning Candles + What To Use Instead

Stop burning candles and use this instead.

#essential oils
Caitlyn Martyn
February 12

Air Fresheners Are Often Toxic — Here's A Safer Way To Make Your Home Smell Cozy

Who doesn't want to walk into their space greeted by a rush of cinnamon apple spice?

#mbgpodcast #mbgpersonalcare #toxins at home #essential oils
Jamie Schneider
January 25

Wait, Can Rosemary Oil Cause Hair Loss? Only If You Do This

The one mistake you might be making.

#hair #essential oils #healthy aging
Hannah Frye
January 23

I'm An MD Toxicity Expert & These Are 5 Things You'll Never Find In My Bathroom

Swap one out at a time for a healthier home.

#toxins at home #essential oils
Vivian Chen, MD
January 16

This Household Herb Promotes Hair Growth & Fights Breakouts

Here's what we know.

#skin care #essential oils
Hannah Frye
November 11 2022

Doing *This* Before You Meditate May Help You Relax Even More

This underrated hack can help you relax even on hectic days.

#essential oils #mbgpersonalcare
Hannah Frye
October 4 2022

I'm Usually Not A Fan Of Floral Perfumes, Unless It Has This One Note

I instantly fall in love.

#skin care #mbgpersonalcare #essential oils
Jamie Schneider
September 27 2022

The Best Essential Oils For Keeping Bugs At Bay + How To Use Them

Vetiver is a name to know.

#plants #essential oils
Emma Loewe
August 19 2022

This Hack Will Make Your Sheets Smell Freshly Washed Every Single Night

There's nothing quite like the feeling of slipping into freshly washed sheets.

#essential oils #mbgpersonalcare
Hannah Frye
August 5 2022

Feeling Frazzled? These 7 Calming Scents Are Like A Meditation For Your Senses

They're all backed by experts.

#essential oils #mbgpersonalcare #aromatherapy
Jamie Schneider
July 22 2022

Keep This On Your Desk To Transform Your Workspace Into A Self-Care Sanctuary

Whether you work from home, in-office, or a bit of both—this is for you.

#mbgpersonalcare #essential oils
Hannah Frye
July 12 2022

Need A Mood Lift & An Antioxidant Boost? This Citrusy Essential Oil Can Help

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!

#mbgsupplements #Fish oil #essential oils
Josey Murray
June 29 2022

This Trick Will Turn Your Shower Into A Spa — & It Only Takes One Second

Seriously—this is the quickest way to transform your space.

#mbgpersonalcare #essential oils
Hannah Frye
June 17 2022

This One Product Can Make Your Home Smell Fresh (Nope Not A Candle!)

Because who wants a candle burning in the summertime?

#mbgpersonalcare #essential oils
Hannah Frye
May 27 2022

Betcha Haven't Heard These: 5 Ways To Use Pillow Mist Beyond A Bedtime Routine

They can do so much more than get you in the headspace for rest.

#mbgpersonalcare #aromatherapy #essential oils
Jamie Schneider
May 14 2022

12 People Agree: This One Pillow Spray Helps Them "Shift Into Night Mode"

Bonus: It can be used as a shower spray, too.

#mbgpersonalcare #essential oils #sleep
Hannah Frye
May 12 2022

This Dreamy Pillow Mist Will Be Your New Favorite Addition To Your Nightstand

We encourage you to be thoughtful about how you unwind. One way is through an aromatherapy-inspired linen mist, like mbg's dream mist.

#essential oils #mbgpersonalcare
Alexandra Engler
May 10 2022