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Keep This On Your Desk To Transform Your Workspace Into A Self-Care Sanctuary

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July 12, 2022

Whether you work from home, in-office, or a bit of both, curating your workspace is key to keeping up productivity. The practical items are important—like proper technology and organizers—but once you cross those off the list, you might want to think about ways to make your workspace more joyful. After all, you're likely spending a majority of your day at your desk—why not help your setup address your self-care wishes?

Here, the perfect item to keep on hand that will transform your workspace into a relaxing sanctuary in seconds. 

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Why this essential oil mist deserves a spot in your deskside setup. 

Even if you love your job, some days can drag on a bit longer than others. If you find yourself getting easily distracted, counting the minutes until you log off, or just need a midday refresh, you may consider taking a few moments of mindfulness. 

Our tip? Use an aromatherapy tool like the mbg dream mist to encourage relaxation and activate your senses during these quiet moments. 

All you have to do is spray the essential oil mist and take a few mindful breaths. Then close your eyes and keep your mind focused on your breath. If quiet meditation isn't for you, call upon a guided practice, like this 10-minute meditation for stress relief.

The essential oils in the mbg dream mist have been selected specifically to encourage relaxation and add aromatic ambience to your self-care sanctuary. The tranquil floral scent of lavender oil is accompanied by sandalwood, which has been used for centuries as a ritual meditation aid. Roman chamomile and linden blossom round out the scent profile with soft, calm aromas that add to the blend without overpowering it. 

If you find yourself needing to take a quick mental break from work, call upon this mist to help you enter a calm and clear headspace. Once you've had a few moments of silence, you'll feel refreshed and ready to continue your day.

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The takeaway. 

While keeping your workspace organized and prepped on a technical front may benefit productivity, you should consider adding a relaxation aid to your deskside as well. This way, you can find peace throughout the day at any moment you need it. While a workday pick-me-up may be one way to use this mist, there are plenty more where that came from—check out a few here

Hannah Frye
Hannah Frye
mbg Assistant Beauty Editor

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