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If You're Deciding Between Collagen & Protein, Here's Our Guide

Many people are interested in using protein powder or collagen powder, but it's easy to get confused about the difference.

Korin Miller
April 6 2020

The 9 Best Skin Care Ingredients To Look For For Skin Longevity*

If there's one skin care goal that nearly everyone has in common it's to slow down signs of aging skin.

Andrea Jordan
March 29 2020

Yes, You Can Promote Collagen Production Naturally — Here's How*

As the main structural component of the skin, collagen warrants all of the attention it gets.

Kirsten Nunez, M.S.
March 28 2020

What Is Curcumin? Why This Anti-Inflammatory Active Is A Game-Changer

Turmeric has gotten buzz for years now as a spice with major health properties. But a lot of the perks of turmeric are actually due to its main active...

Korin Miller
March 27 2020

Why This Vitamin Is Great For Skin Hydration, Scar Healing & More

For more than 50 years, vitamin E has been a go-to ingredient in the skin care and supplement industry.

Kirsten Nunez, M.S.
March 26 2020

How To Take Gel, Dip, Or Acrylic Nails Off + Tips For Rehabbing Your Nails

Acrylics, dips, and gels. They make your nails look long and thick, but underneath their facade are natural nails begging you to let them breathe.

Alexa Erickson
March 24 2020

Is There An Optimal Time To Take Collagen? We Investigated

When you decide to take a collagen supplement, it's only natural that you'd want to do your best to max out the benefits.

Korin Miller
March 20 2020

How To Use beauty & gut collagen+ In Everything, From Coffee To Dessert

These three recipes can enhance your skin and promote collagen production.*

Abby Moore
March 10 2020

The 7 Best Supplements To Take If You Have Dry, Damaged Hair*

Shiny, hydrated hair can be difficult to achieve with just a good conditioner alone.

Korin Miller
March 3 2020
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4 Totally Portable Protein-Packed Snacks (That Aren’t Hard Boiled Eggs)

These on-the-go snacks are protein-filled and have clean ingredients to keep you well nourished!

August 2 2019