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Tanya Carroll Richardson

How Clues About Your Past Lives Can Improve This One: A Psychic Explains

What do your relationships, passions, and behaviors say about your past lives?

Tanya Carroll Richardson
April 27 2017

A Psychic's Action Plan For Staying Grounded (No Matter How Stressful Your Life Is)

Put this otherworldly advice into practice the next time life stresses you out.

Tanya Carroll Richardson
February 27 2017

A Psychic Explains How To Find Your Spiritual Guidance Squad

Not to worry—you probably have some winged messengers at your disposal.

Tanya Carroll Richardson
February 16 2017

Are You A Warrior? A Free Spirit? A Psychic Explains How To Find Your Personal "Soul DNA"

Just like your physical body has an individualized DNA makeup, your soul is a unique combination of archetypes.

Tanya Carroll Richardson
February 6 2017

How To Harness The Transformative Power Of 2017: A Psychic Explains

Earthly existence is a lot like farming: The seeds you begin to sow this January will be the harvest you reap in January 2018.

Tanya Carroll Richardson
January 11 2017

How To Know If You're Ignoring Your Intuition: A Psychic Explains

"If you aren't in touch with your intuition, you can't live at your highest potential."

Tanya Carroll Richardson
September 26 2016

6 Ways To Reach Your Full Potential: A Professional Intuitive Explains

"Some things cannot be, and were never meant to be, fully understood — just felt."

Tanya Carroll Richardson
August 22 2016