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9 Strategies Empaths Can Use To Keep Their Energy Balanced

Tanya Carroll Richardson
April 13, 2021
Tanya Carroll Richardson
By Tanya Carroll Richardson
mbg Contributor
Tanya Carroll Richardson is an author and professional intuitive, giving readings to clients all over the world.
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April 13, 2021
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Humans have physical bodies, and they also have energy bodies. Empaths are people with very sensitive and receptive energy bodies. As such, they tend to pick up on the energies and emotions of other people, groups of people, and collective cultural energy.

The whole world has been going through big shifts and transitions in this new decade, and there has also been a lot of collective trauma. While compassionate empaths want to be of service to others and stay informed about what's going on in the world, they also need to take extra good care of their own energy field to stay balanced during these intense times. The following tips should help!

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Before you dive in, you can practice using your naturally strong empath intuition to decide which energy-balancing suggestion might help you most now. Ask your intuition for a number between 1 and 9, either in words, pictures, or thoughts. You can also feel into each number and see which one has the strongest energy for you now:


Feed your spirit with positive energy. 

Empaths love to feel connected to other people. So there is value in letting your heart break for someone else and being moved emotionally by suffering in the world. Sometimes it's only when we are moved emotionally that we are inspired to take meaningful action. Yet you also need to nurture your energy with positive, uplifting stories.

Watch a documentary where everything works out in the end and people overcome big obstacles, or read a spiritual book with a positive message. Choose something positive—like something small you are grateful for or a positive mantra—to focus your energy on each day.


Get healthy retreat-and-recovery time. 

In my book Self-Care for Empaths, I explain how empaths are hyper-perceptive, meaning they pick up more easily on all the stimuli around them, whether that's emotional, energetic, or sometimes even physical stimuli (loud noises, temperature changes).

Empaths are therefore more easily overwhelmed and overstimulated, so they need what I call retreat-and-recovery time. That means pulling back into your own energy in a gentle, low-stimulation setting. This could look like taking a walk in nature by yourself, taking a bath and listening to a great podcast, reading in bed quietly beside your partner, or putting together a puzzle with the kids on a rainy day. Healthy retreat-and-recovery time—as opposed to numbing out with too much binge-watching, shopping, drinking, etc.—helps your energy rebalance.

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Emphasize playful energy. 

When the world around you, or your own personal world, is heavy and intense, you can balance that with moments that are playful.

Make a point of joking with a friend in a loving way, listening to your favorite standup comedian, getting lost in a fun creative project, or acting silly with a child, partner, or a pet. Playful energy is light, and when life feels too serious, playful energy is a great de-stressor that will give you more stamina to handle the heavy lifting of serious issues. 


Eat healthy, and take care of your physical body. 

The food you eat and beverages you drink have a significant effect on your mood and energy levels. Healthy choices can make you feel calmer and less drained. If you suspect there is anything slightly off with your hormones, thyroid, vitamin and mineral levels, gut flora, or anything else in your physical body, see your preferred health care professional for a tuneup. Sometimes energy-sensitive empaths can assume that they feel "off" because of the energy and emotions they are absorbing, when there may actually be something slightly off with their physical body.


Get enough rest, and let yourself have some lazy days. 

Because the collective energy has been intense, and many people are going through personal shifts, you need to give yourself more rest to stay balanced. Sleep in sometimes, or give yourself an open afternoon once or twice a week when there is nothing specific on the agenda. Sometimes the best way to increase overall productivity is to give yourself a lazy day. There's a very sped-up, transformative energy afoot lately that is encouraging change, and you can ground that by occasionally slowing down and catching up with yourself. 


Create nurturing connection. 

There is a lot of focus with empaths on learning how to avoid toxic relationships. I also teach empaths how to set healthy boundaries. Yet empaths are naturally wired to intimately feel the emotions and energies of other people and find that doing so is nourishing.

Empaths crave healthy connection. Whether it's a Zoom date with a bestie, taking a nature walk with a new friend, or sending a care package to a relative who lives far away, make sure you are opening up to feel all the good feels of healthy human connection. 

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Check in with the current astrological weather. 

There are shifting energies that affect the collective, like the astrological sign the sun is currently in. No matter what your own chart holds, we are all affected by the shifting sun signs. As I write this, it's the beginning of the astrological year and the sun is in fiery Aries. It's a time of new beginnings, as Aries is a pioneer and a very action-oriented sign. So it's a great time to start new projects and set new goals—and go after them with the relentless gusto of the ram!

Whenever you are reading this article, look at what sign the sun is in and see how it might be affecting your energy and how you might lean into that astrological energy in a healthy way.


Ask an angel or spirit guide to shift your energy. 

Empaths are very sensitive to energy and can often feel an energy shift when they work with a spirit guide. If you are wanting to feel more self-love or more peace, try sitting in a short meditation with Archangel Chamuel. This spirit helper is all about feeling calm and blissful.

Simply put on some soothing nature sounds, get comfortable, close your eyes, and silently ask Archangel Chamuel to surround you with loving, peaceful energy. Sit in this celestial soup for five to 10 minutes.

If anxiousness is something you've been struggling with a lot lately, make sure you also reach out for help from humans like health care professionals, counselors, and loved ones. Angels are never a substitute for competent human assistance, but they are a nice complement to it!

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Make space to feel your challenging emotions. 

The more you allow yourself to admit and process your sadness, anger, or fear about issues in your own life or issues happening in the world, the easier it is to sit with these emotions and move through them. Avoiding or denying them never helps, and then over time, they build up in your system. Journaling, talking about your emotional experience with others, dancing, listening to music, and gentle exercise can all be powerful ways to process emotions. If you ever feel out of control with an emotion or that it's too much for you to handle alone, get the help you deserve.

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Tanya Carroll Richardson is a professional intuitive who has given readings to thousands of clients all over the world. She’s the author of nine nonfiction books including Empath Heart, Angel Intuition, Are You an Earth Angel?, and Self-Care for Empaths. Tanya has an annual calendar, A Year of Self-Love, and two oracle decks, Awakening Intuition and Grief, Grace, and Healing.