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The Secret To Perfect Happiness (And Other Lessons From Bhutan)

My trip to a country that builds a foundation on Gross National Happiness.

Robin Berzin, M.D.
November 25 2014

SUP & Yoga In Brazil (Gorgeous Photos)

SUP yoga from a unique view and other fun photos from Brazil.

Marisa Paska
May 21 2014

5 Reasons to Take Your Yoga on the Road

Traveling, just like yoga, teaches one to get out of their comfort zone, and to see people and the world with a fresh new perspective.

Rachelle Tratt
July 15 2012

3 Reasons to Go on a Yoga Retreat

There are so many reasons, but these three are key.

Katrina Love Senn
February 29 2012

15 Healthiest Airports in America

PCRM just released their annual report on the healthiest airports in...

January 6 2012

Peter Tunney's Inspirational Art

Tunney's art shares a beautiful message.

Jason Wachob
February 15 2011