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How One Hotel Is Innovating To Support Wellness For The Environment & For Kids In Need

A brand-new initiative is transforming linens into lifelines.

#news #technology
Colleen Wachob
March 19 2018

Spring Cleaning 101: How To Be A Tech Minimalist

Spend this spring outside—not on your phone.

#minimalism #technology
Monique Serbu
March 19 2018

I Committed To Going Tech-Free On Weekends. Here's How It Changed My Life

What started as a few hours become a whole weekend.

Ali Katz
March 18 2018

7 Smartphone Habits Of Highly Effective People

These are game-changing.

Catherine Price
March 14 2018

Women Are Freeing Themselves From Birth Control With This High-Tech Device

Free yourself from the pill.

#empowerment #feminism #fertility #hormones #technology
March 1 2018

Silicon Valley Parents Are Raising Tech-Free Kids & Maybe You Should, Too

Low-tech parenting is the new norm in Silicon Valley.

Elizabeth Inglese
February 26 2018

5 Things You Need To Know Today (February 23, 2018)

You might want to think about this the next time you post your workout on social media.

#alcohol #news #news roundup #technology
Leigh Weingus
February 23 2018

Astrology Apps & Digital Tarot Pulls: The Rise Of Spiritual Tech

Is spiritual technology an oxymoron?

Emma Loewe
February 9 2018

Why Ex-Silicon Valley Execs Are Rebelling Against Technology

Is big tech the next big tobacco?

#news #technology
Emma Loewe
February 9 2018

High-Tech Meat Is The Unstoppable, Sustainable Food Trend Of 2018

Their "clean meat" aims to bypass the ethical and environmental concerns many conscious eaters raise over the production of meat. Would you eat it?

#news #technology
Elizabeth Inglese
February 8 2018

Declutter Your Mind In 7 Days

Do this "detox" if you feel like life is going by too fast.

Jamie Price
January 27 2018

This Tech-Free Checklist Will Nourish Your Soul (And Your Eyeballs)

No FOMO here.

#Nourishing New Year #anxiety #depression #friendship #technology
Carley Knobloch
January 10 2018

This Supplement For Cows Could Reduce Global Warming

Meat eaters, listen up.

#environmentalism #technology
Emma Loewe
January 3 2018

Video Game Addiction Will Be Recognized As A Mental Health Disorder In 2018

Screen addiction is serious stuff.

#brain #technology
Lindsay Kellner
December 30 2017

We're In A Loneliness Crisis. Here's Exactly What To Do About It

It's never been more clear that happiness is other people.

#anxiety #depression #joy #technology
Leigh Weingus
December 24 2017

What I Wish Every Yoga Teacher Knew About Social Media

This goes out to anyone who's tried too hard for "likes."

#technology #yoga
Sarah Ezrin
December 19 2017

11 Wellness Trends To Watch In 2018

Get ahead of the curve.

#Collagen #athleisure #empowerment #gut health #intermittent fasting
Jason Wachob
December 11 2017

The Incredible Ways Scientists Are Rebuilding Our Coral Reefs

Coral reefs could be GONE as early as 2050.

#environmentalism #microbiome #technology
Emma Loewe
December 6 2017

6 Things You Need To Know Today (December 1, 2017)

Back away from the smartphone.

Leigh Weingus
December 1 2017

This Is All You Need To Make Meditation A Daily Habit

Establishing a daily meditation practice is no easy feat.

#anxiety #brain #breath #sleep #stress
November 22 2017