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Women Are Freeing Themselves From Birth Control With This High-Tech Device

Photo by Sergey Filimonov
March 1, 2018

You forage for organic produce at your local farmers market and reach for paraben-free face masks. Maybe you’ve swapped your gym membership for morning runs through your neighborhood park so you can start your day with the sun on your shoulders and the wind on your cheeks. You live a natural life, spending your days in harmony with the rhythms of the world, moving gracefully with the ebbs and flows of the tides. So why, you may at some point wonder, are you still using a synthetic form of birth control?

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Birth control has been letting women down.

When it comes to your fertility, some birth control methods offer results by controlling your hormones. They may work to prevent pregnancies, but they disrupt the unique rhythm of your body, forcing your hormones onto an artificial cycle, one that leaves many women with unpleasant side effects. Depression, low libido1, and even Crohn’s disease are all side effects of oral contraceptives. No wonder so many women are looking for a gentler solution.

Isn't there a more natural option?

The fertility awareness method (FAM) is a time-tested technique used by women for decades to help them learn the rhythm of their cycle and use that self-knowledge to plan for or prevent a pregnancy. When your body is healthy and operating without the influence of artificial hormones, it cycles through four distinct phases every month: menstruation, the follicular phase, ovulation, and the luteal phase. And despite what your sex ed teacher may have told you in junior high, on average there are only six days a month that you are likely to get pregnant. Just six! But how do you know which they are? Using FAM traditionally required charts and notebooks and calculations to track your body temperature, which varies throughout your cycle and can indicate ovulation. The method invited in opportunities for human error and pushed the hard work and responsibility of cycle tracking squarely onto women’s shoulders. But today we live in an age of self-driving cars—surely there is a more sophisticated, tech-enabled way to track the rhythm of your own body?

Say hey to Daysy!

Photo: Daysy
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Natural meets effective, with Daysy.

Daysy takes over the hard work of cycle-tracking, using a patented algorithm and sensitive basal thermometer to analyze your body’s personal rhythms. All that’s left for you to do is spend 60 seconds in bed each morning as the Daysy thermometer reads your temperature. Indicate on the Daysy itself when your period comes and goes with the press of a button, and that’s it! Once Daysy has collected enough data, it predicts your fertile days with 99.3 percent accuracy. (Yes, you read that correctly. Its efficacy has been proved in multiple clinical trials.) If your goal is to prevent pregnancy, then you’ll know exactly which days of the month you’ll want to abstain from the baby-making kind of sex or choose a barrier method, like a condom or diaphragm. The Daysy device (a lollipop-shaped thermometer equipped with a compact but powerful computer) flashes a color-coded system of green, yellow, and red to let you instantly read your fertility. You can look ahead on the app to see which days are on the horizon and even share the app’s data with your partner so you’re both on the same page. Just like that, you get insight into the inner workings of your body. No more mystery!

Be you; be free.

With Daysy, you can feel comfortable in your skin, free from synthetic hormones, free to make your own choices. Daysy allows you to choose when pregnancy is right for you, not by controlling your hormones with the use of pills but by giving you deep insight into how your body works all on its own. Self-knowledge is empowering. If you’re looking to better understand your fertility, you don’t need to override your natural system. You just need to learn it better. Your body is capable of wonders, just as it naturally is.

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