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Why The 2020s Need To Be 'The Climate Decade' & How You Can Help Out

No more messing around.

#news #environmentalism #politics #technology
Emma Loewe
October 3 2019

3 Subtle Mistakes People Make While Dating (Hint: It's All About Authenticity)

Trying to seem more attractive to potential dates might actually be sinking your chances.

#dating #news #technology
Kelly Gonsalves
September 21 2019

The Latest On Why Certain Sounds Are Physically & Emotionally Healing

We talked to the doctors prescribing it to their patients.

#mantras #stress #technology
Emma Loewe
September 4 2019

This Texting Habit Might Be Helping Couples Communicate Better

This one goes out to all the aggressive emoji users out there.

#dating #technology
Georgina Berbari
August 29 2019

This Is What Makes A Truly Compelling Dating Profile

A language strategist explains.

#dating #technology
Lee Hartley Carter
July 25 2019

Is Your Kid Addicted To Screen Time? Maybe You Should Look At Your Own Behavior

Technological distractions during parenting might cause more issues than you think.

Alexandra Engler
July 10 2019

Here's How Many "Best Friends" The Average Person Has

Plus, what everyone shares and doesn't share with their friends.

#friendship #technology
Sarah Fielding
July 2 2019

This Everyday Activity Is Even Worse For You Than Sitting At Work All Day

Your desk job is bad for you, but THIS is worse.

#Heart #technology
Madison Vanderberg
June 26 2019

This One Habit Could Reverse Your Sleep Problems In Just One Week

For anyone looking for a quick boost on their sleep quality.

#news #sleep #technology
Jenni Gritters, M.S.
May 20 2019

How Tech Can Help You Create A Smarter, More Sustainable Home

Bring on the automatic curtains.

#technology #environmentalism #stress
Laurence Carr
April 19 2019

This Habit Is A Sign That Your Tech Addiction Is Worse Than You Think

Here's how to know when it's time to make a change.

#news #technology
Kelly Gonsalves
April 18 2019

Why The North Face Will Be Closing Its Doors On Earth Day This Year

It wants to make the day a globally recognized holiday, too.

#environmentalism #news #technology
Emma Loewe
April 16 2019

The 1-Second Switch That's Made My Mornings So Much More Peaceful

And there's science to back it up.

#technology #stress
Katina Bajaj
April 16 2019

This STEM Skill Has A Major Gender Gap, But Parents Can Fix It — Here's How

Hint: Time to purchase some puzzles.

#technology #empowerment
Kelly Gonsalves
April 12 2019

Your Kids Will Find Sex Online — Here's What Parents Should Do

First things first: Educate *yourself* about sex and the internet.

#technology #body positivity
Kelly Gonsalves
April 12 2019

Is This New, Hormone-Free Birth Control Too Good To Be True?

A new study shows that Dot, an evidence-based fertility awareness method app, can be used to prevent pregnancy.

#pregnancy #fertility #hormones #technology #news
Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
March 18 2019

Young People's Mental Health Issues Skyrocketed Over The Last Decade—Here's Why

Teens' and young adults' mental health has gotten progressively worse.

#news #depression #anxiety #technology #sleep
Jenni Gritters, M.S.
March 14 2019

This Is Why You're Having No Luck With Dating Apps

Here's how to date like a pro.

#dating #single life #technology
Andi Forness
February 2 2019

How A.I. Could Shape The Future Of Wellness

Smarter cities, more equitable health care, and more.

#technology #environmentalism
Emma Loewe
January 31 2019

The 5 Best Financial Apps To Help You Get Money In The Bank This Year

Want to save money? There's an app for that.

#Financial Wellness #technology
Emma Loewe
January 30 2019