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One Ingredient That Will Make Your Iced Coffee Creamy — No Sugar Added

For coffee devotees, there's little more important in the morning than getting your perfect cup of coffee.

Alexandra Engler
June 29 2022

These Ultra-Decadent Fudge Pops Are Free Of Dairy & Refined Sugar

These decadent-tasting pops get their creaminess from avocado and flavor from cacao.

Eliza Sullivan
July 31 2021

11 Date Night Dessert Recipes, All Literally Made With Dates

Even if you're cutting down on sugar, dessert doesn't have to be off the menu. Dates are here to help.

Eliza Sullivan
February 12 2021

An MD's 5 Nonnegotiables For Healthy Aging, No Matter Your Age

The secrets to healthy aging are actually pretty straightforward.

Abby Moore
October 25 2020

11 Healthy Pasta Sauce Recipes That Are Actually Good For You

Make the ultimate comfort food a little better for you.

Eliza Sullivan
April 29 2020

Our Favorite Protein-Packed Solutions For Women Who Can't Stop, Won't Stop

The ultimate snack foods for fuel when you're getting after it and doing the most, according to an RDN.

Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
January 22 2020