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Bye, Sugar Cravings: This 21-Day Challenge Will Set You Up For A Healthier Year

Image by Lily's Sweets / Contributor
January 21, 2019

Depending on who you ask, it takes 21 days to form a habit. That's great news when you think about it, specifically when it comes to habits that help us live our healthiest lives in the long run.

Cutting down on added sugar in your daily diet—whether or not you've got a sweet tooth—is one of those healthy habits that has major transformative benefits. 

Besides the fact that added sugar has basically no nutritional benefit (zero!), uncontrolled sugar spikes can contribute to things like weight gain, mood, and energy swings, and even skin issues like acne. In more extreme cases, eating too much sugar can set you up for serious chronic health issues like diabetes and heart disease, and it's been linked to depression, too. 

And the thing is, we still reach for that sweet bite during midafternoon stretches because sugar is addictive. That's why of 600,000 food products, 80 percent are laced with some sort of added sugar (like fructose, for instance)—it's cheap and keeps us coming back.

How to crave less sugar in 21 days.

That's why we're taking the 21-Day No-Added-Sugar Challenge with Lily's Sweets. Anyone who's tried to quit sugar knows that it's not as simple as just skipping dessert or even grabbing the first "0 grams" sugar product on the shelf. (Did you know there are over 50 synonyms for added sugar? Taking the extra step to check a product's ingredients will help you know for sure whether a food is free from added sugar.)

Image by Lily's Sweets / Contributor

If you're hoping to kick your sugar habit, a guided challenge is one of the best ways to do it. When you sign up for this one, you'll use helpful tools like a 21-Day Challenge Tracker to record your daily progress, plus get all the intel you need to nourish your body with better-for-you foods and treats—because not all our indulgent favorites harbor hidden added sugar. Case in point: All Lily's Sweets best-selling Chocolate Bars and Chocolate Chips contain no added sugar, and the 70% and 85% Dark Chocolate Bars are even vegan-friendly.

The rules of the challenge are clear: For 21 days, you'll ditch any type of sugar or artificial sweetener that's added to foods to make them sweet.  

If you're already craving cookies just thinking about it, don't worry. Quitting sugar will never be easier than when you have the best pro tips and tricks helping you out—you'll learn how to get through sugar withdrawal, how to read food labels to identify and avoid all the sneaky sugar synonyms, how to make the most delicious no-added sugar treats, and more. What are you waiting for? Sign up with us and kick added sugars to the curb for good.

Join us in taking on the 21-Day No-Added-Sugar Challenge by signing up here