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Reviewers Are Saying This Body Lotion Saves Dry, Winter Skin

Sometimes the best advice comes straight from the buyers: Does it work or not? Here's what real mbg postbiotic body lotion users had to say. 

Alexandra Engler
8 hours ago

How To Create An Irresistible Body Care Ritual, With One Surprising Ingredient

A Brazilian beauty company reminds us that our bodies are beautiful and worthy of a whole care ritual, and their products are centered around this one...

Devon Barrow
5 days ago

A Celebrity Esthetician Shares How To Fix "Oily Dehydrated" Skin

Skin care concerns—and sometimes types—are never mutually exclusive.

Alexandra Engler
January 14

Do You Know How Much Collagen Your Skin Will Lose This Year?

Collagen, collagen, collagen. For the beauty-minded among us, we're always thinking about collagen. Here, how much you lose annually. Yikes!

Alexandra Engler
January 14

Did You Know This Sneaky Habit Can Potentially Cause Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are unavoidable at some point, but this can speed up the aging process.

Jamie Schneider
January 14

Is This Famous Skin Care Ingredient The Secret To Plump, Soft Lips?

One of my favorite ingredients to get naturally plush lips is hyaluronic acid. Yes, the star ingredient makes a fabulous addition to lip balms.

Alexandra Engler
January 13