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Is Cheating a Deal-Breaker? Here's What 5 Real Women Have To Say

Infidelity isn't always as black and white as it seems.

Leigh Weingus
October 13 2017

The Subconscious Tendency That Erodes Intimacy In Every Relationship

"This one major change in your thinking has a huge impact on your life and on all your relationships."

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
October 10 2017

The Psychological Reason You Get Defensive (Hint: It's Not A Character Flaw)

If you're a defensive person, are you doomed to drive people away with your defensiveness forever? If you're in a relationship with a defensive...

Linda Carroll, M.S., LMFT
September 29 2017

4 Steps To Forgiving Those Who've Hurt You (Even When It Seems Impossible)

"Forgiveness means that you are willing to cancel the debt you feel someone owes to you, to surrender the hurt that you feel, and make peace with...

How To Forgive An Ex + Move On From A Toxic Relationship (Even When It Seems Impossible)

"By stepping toward forgiveness, I am not condoning my ex's actions. I am simply letting go of my hope for a better past."

Paula Witman
April 10 2017

How I Learned To Forgive My Mother + Broke A Cycle Of Generations Of Abuse

"I preached the importance of the power of forgiveness and yet I held onto so much anger myself. I wore it like a badge of honor."

Allison Lurey
April 1 2017

14 Foolproof Ways To Get Over A Heart-Wrenching Breakup

Your Rx for those moments that getting out of bed and facing the world just seems impossible.

Shannon Kaiser
June 24 2016

How To Forgive—Even When It Feels Impossible

Forgiveness is something you do for you, not for your enemy. There is something beautiful to be learned from each life experience; even your broken...

Ayanna Nefertaari
June 20 2016

The Biggest Misconception About Forgiveness

Fred Luskin, PhD, teaches people how to manage their stress and improve their lives. It’s through this work that he began to explore the effects of...

November 4 2015

The #1 Practice To Begin The Process Of Forgiveness

As the Director of Stanford's Forgiveness Projects, Dr. Frank Luskin knows a thing or two about what it means (and feels like) to forgive. At this...

November 4 2015

Can You Forgive Without First Accepting Your Pain?

Fred Luskin, PhD, and director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Projects, delves into the emotional stages of forgiveness, and why it’s so...

November 4 2015

Why Forgiving Someone Shouldn't Involve Making Excuses For Them

Dr. Frank Luskin, the Director of Stanford's Forgiveness Projects, explains that forgiveness is a difficult, powerful experience — one that forces you...

November 4 2015

Why It's Possible To Forgive Even In The Most Challenging Situations (+ How To Do It)

Fred Luskin, PhD, is the Director of the Forgiveness Project, an organization that shares real stories of forgiveness to help build understanding....

November 4 2015

I Spent 34 Years In Prison For A Crime I Didn't Commit. Here's How I Coped

If you do as much time as I did, the whole damn world has changed. Everything that you were used to no longer exists.

Lewis Fogle
October 12 2015

Why Forgiveness Has The Power To Heal & Make You Whole Again

One of the heaviest emotional burdens we carry is a lack of forgiveness

Deepak Chopra
July 3 2015