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Bethany C. Meyers

Fitness Instructor & the be.come project Founder

Bethany C. Meyers is the founder of the be.come project, a workout designed to make you feel good from the inside out. They previously worked at SLT as a megaformer instructor and director of training. In the wellness community, they're known for their inclusive approach to fitness powered by their own experience and the rhetoric used to characterize our bodies (including body positivity and body neutrality). With the be.come project, Meyers' mission is to bring an empowering workout to their audience that celebrates movement rather than a singular focus on physical change.

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What is your wellness philosophy?

Don’t overthink it. We often get weighed down by the idea of “wellness” - counting calories, hours at the gym, high-maintenance self-care, meditations and journals and expensive crystals - until, in the end, we don’t feel “well” at all. I say live your life. Find balance. Read ingredients. Move daily. Spend time with people you love. Chart what makes you happy and do more of it

What brought you into wellness?

I suppose there are many ways I could answer this. I could tell you about my accidental fall into fitness when I was fresh out of college with PR degree, or certifications and retreats that groomed me for my work, but I think the true answer is - I was brought into wellness through not being well. For so many years I worked in this industry and battled eating disorders, body dysmorphia and self-loathing. One day it hit me that I’m doing all these tactics to try to gain the “perfect body” and here I am still hating it. I decided in that moment that the only thing that mattered moving forward was how I felt, not how I looked. Feelings first. The looks will follow.

What does You. We. All. mean to you?

You. We. All. means more to me than ever given our current political landscape. The idea of ALL has resonated more and more now that we’ve seen it’s collective who will make the biggest impact. I’ll use women as an example since they’ve had an incredible year.
You: one woman coming forward to speak about her sexual assault was tossed aside because she “was asking for it” or “trying to get attention”

We: a group of women coming forward provided validity and knowledge that this is a real problem that is deeply rooted in our society. All: men, women, in between, old, young, victims and non-victims - everyone joining forces to stand for what is right. THAT is when #metoo and #timesup become a revolution. A way of life. A CHANGE. You. We. All. means sh*t gets done.

What empowers you?

Defying the normal. Challenging beauty standards. Determining beliefs based on what I’ve experienced and not what I’ve been told.

What renews you?

When all else fails, take a bath. Add a face mask.