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How To Deal With "Zoom Dysmorphia," According To A Therapist

Turns out, peering at your face all day on Zoom isn't so good for self-image.

Jamie Schneider
4 days ago

Why The World Needs Health Coaches Now More Than Ever

We need to start making nutrition a priority, not just at the moment but for the long haul.

Jason Wachob
6 days ago

This Easy Tip Will Ease Your Mask-Induced Ear Irritation, According To A Dermatologist

If your mask loops are giving you grief, here's how you can calm the irritation, stat.

Jamie Schneider
November 11

The 5 Best Decluttering Tips I *Just* Picked Up From Marie Kondo

Her new masterclass is the soothing vibe we all need right now.

Emma Loewe
November 11

I'm A Functional MD & Here's How I Incorporate Movement Into My Day

The key to a stellar WFH workout? Adding loads of movement into the workday itself.

Jamie Schneider
November 5

Jane Goodall Wrote To Us From Quarantine: Here's Her Mobilizing Message

Despite being quarantined, the acclaimed primatologist is still spreading her message far and wide.

Emma Loewe
October 30