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This Deficiency Is Linked To Long COVID Symptoms, Research Finds

Long COVID has around 200 documented symptoms—and this could explain some of them.

#COVID-19 #news #Vitamins
Hannah Frye
March 21

Rates Of Early Puberty Are On The Rise — But What's Causing The Spike?

Plus, what this data means for girls today.

#hormones #news #COVID-19
Hannah Frye
August 25 2023

I Have Lyme Disease & Long COVID: 6 Things Helping My Immune System Rebound

From whole foods to compression boots.

#Lyme disease #COVID-19 #autoimmune #immunity
Danielle Pashko
July 16 2023

New Research Shows A Concerning Side Effect Of Long COVID

Hello brain fog.

#COVID-19 #news #inflammation
Sarah Regan
June 10 2023

Three Years Of COVID: A Psychologist's 12 Questions To Reflect & Look Forward

We've lived through 3 years of COVID now. Yet, many of us have yet to slow down and truly process how it has affected us.

#COVID-19 #death #grief #Journey
Michelle Pearce, Ph.D.
March 14 2023

COVID-19 Left Me Chronically Ill — How I'm Living With My New Normal

I'm still not 100%, but I'm learning to adjust to my new normal.

#Invisible Illness #COVID-19
Lily Seibert
January 28 2023

I Thought My Chest Pain Was From COVID — Then I Got This Frightening Diagnosis

A reminder to never brush your symptoms under the rug.

#Invisible Illness #COVID-19 #Heart
Bobby Goines
June 18 2022

7 Holiday Dishes That Play On Texture — And Taste Delicious, Too

Let us convince you to play with texture for your menu this holiday season.

#dinner #holiday #COVID-19
Eliza Sullivan
December 23 2021

I Research Medical Decision-Making: 4 Tips To Improve Your Health Literacy

Learn how to navigate decisions in an informed way.

#COVID-19 #immunity #empowerment
Talya Miron-Shatz, Ph.D
September 28 2021

I'm A Parenting Expert — Here's How To Help Your Kids Manage Back-To-School Nerves

Another non-normal school year awaits.

#back to school #COVID-19 #anxiety
Caroline Maguire, M.Ed.
August 29 2021

Is Your Kid Struggling In The Back-To-School Adjustment? What The Experts Say

Back-to-school can also be a stressful time—especially now.

#stress #COVID-19 #back to school
Alexandra Engler
August 15 2021

Should You Send Your Kid To School? What We Know About The Delta Variant Today

This is the future of education, especially with our new challenge of the delta strain.

#mbgpodcast #COVID-19 #motherhood
Jason Wachob
August 9 2021

This Type Of Diet Was Just Associated With Lower Risk & Severity Of COVID-19

We're not that surprised.

#vegan #immunity #COVID-19 #news
Eliza Sullivan
July 30 2021

These Sustainable Dress Rentals Are Here To Save Wedding Season 2021

You're ready to get back out into the world—but is your wardrobe?

#COVID-19 #environmentalism
Emma Loewe
July 2 2021

This Is How The Pandemic Changed Our Brains + How To Cope, From A Neuroscientist

A lot has changed in the past year, including the structure and shape of our brains.

#brain #COVID-19

Summer Solstice 2021: Rituals For Basking In The Longest Day Of The Year

Now is the time to realize and step into our power.

#COVID-19 #Herbs #plants
Barbara Biziou
June 20 2021

What Is Post-Pandemic Growth? A Neuroscientist On This Mental Health Phenomenon

This unique reaction to shared trauma will affect 10% of the population.

#anxiety #depression #COVID-19 #Mental fitness
Daniel Amen, M.D.
June 14 2021

Why The Pandemic Might Still Be Messing With Your Sleep + What To Do

According to the latest numbers, our sleep is getting worse not better.

#COVID-19 #news #sleep #mbgsupplements
Emma Loewe
June 12 2021

7 (Free) Feng Shui Tips To Refresh Your Home When Things Feel Stale

The best part? You don't have to buy anything new.

#COVID-19 #minimalism #essential oils
Dana Claudat
June 4 2021

A 4-Move Pilates-Inspired Workout To Strengthen Your Arms & Abs

Activate your core and upper body all at once.

#pilates #COVID-19
Lia Bartha
June 4 2021