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6 Easy Nightly Habits That Will Get You Ready For Bed In Minutes

The human body doesn't come with an on-off switch.

#mbgsupplements #sleep #aromatherapy
Emma Loewe
February 28

Layering Fragrance Is Simpler Than You Might Think — Plus, More Perfume Tips

For fragrance lovers.

#skin care #makeup #aromatherapy #mbgpersonalcare
Hannah Frye
February 15

Fresh Flowers Can Brighten Anyone's Mood — 10 Online Options For Quick Delivery

Just in time to spread the love.

#gift guide #aromatherapy #environmentalism #friendship
Jamey Powell
February 4

How To Take The Best Shower Of Your Life + More Tips & Tricks

Because you deserve the extra TLC.

#skin care #hair #aromatherapy #mbgpersonalcare
Hannah Frye
January 11

Add This Hack To Your Shower Routine For Better Sleep & Less Stress

PSA: Your shower can be more meaningful than you think.

#stress #sleep #aromatherapy
Hannah Frye
January 4

This Humidifier Is The Only Thing Saving Me From Dry Skin (& It's On Sale)

Run, don't walk—this humidifier is a standout.

#skin care #aromatherapy
Hannah Frye
October 16 2022

A Quick Trick To Incorporate Aromatherapy Into Your Routine (Nope, Not A Candle)

This one is quick, easy, and mess-free.

#mbgpersonalcare #aromatherapy
Hannah Frye
September 23 2022

Feeling Frazzled? These 7 Calming Scents Are Like A Meditation For Your Senses

They're all backed by experts.

#essential oils #mbgpersonalcare #aromatherapy
Jamie Schneider
July 22 2022

This Underrated Beauty Category Is Getting A Makeover — Here's Why

Gen-Z has a real knack for shaking things up in the beauty space.

#skin care #clean beauty school #aromatherapy
Alexandra Engler
June 7 2022

Doing Chores On Sunday? This One Step Will Elevate Your Cleaning Ritual

No more Sunday scaries over here.

#mbgpersonalcare #aromatherapy
Hannah Frye
June 3 2022

Add One Of These Sleep Sprays To Level Up Your Nighttime Routine

They can do more than make your pillow smell good.

#mbgpersonalcare #sleep #aromatherapy
Hannah Frye
May 28 2022

Betcha Haven't Heard These: 5 Ways To Use Pillow Mist Beyond A Bedtime Routine

They can do so much more than get you in the headspace for rest.

#mbgpersonalcare #aromatherapy #essential oils
Jamie Schneider
May 14 2022

8 Easy Ways To Make Your Shower Smell Like A Spa

Everything from DIY to ready-to-buy.

#mbgpersonalcare #aromatherapy #essential oils
Hannah Frye
April 12 2022

Lavender Gets All The Credit: 4 Other Essential Oils That Promote Deep Sleep

For a nighttime routine that smells just as good as it feels.

#mbgsupplements #sleep #aromatherapy
Emma Loewe
March 10 2022

Aromatherapy For Stress Relief: How It Works + 12 Scents To Start With

Smell your way to calm.

#stress #essential oils #aromatherapy #mbgsupplements
Julia Guerra
February 3 2022

This Cozy Spiced Mulled Cider Has A Secret Ingredient To Support Winter Immunity

Bonus: It'll fill your home with an intoxicating scent.

#mbgsupplements #stress #holiday #Herbs #aromatherapy
Kami McBride
January 5 2022

This Stovetop Potpourri Smells Like A Dream & Can Brighten Your Mood

Did someone say "chai latte"?

Sarah Regan
November 1 2021
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Mindful Moments: How Fragrance Can Help Us Find Serenity

Turns out, one of the most powerful factors that contributes to the serenity of these experiences is the aroma that surrounds them.

#partner #aromatherapy
Devon Barrow
August 23 2021

These Essential Oils Are The Best For Boosting Mood, New Research Finds

It's long been believed that essential oils have therapeutic effects.

#essential oils #mbgsupplements #news #aromatherapy
Sarah Regan
August 12 2021

Synthetic vs. Natural Fragrance: The Hot Button Issue, Explained

Readers, welcome to the world of "clean fragrance." By all accounts, it's a confusing one.

#aromatherapy #clean beauty school
Alexandra Engler
June 13 2021