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Your Ugly Body: It's All in Your Head

Tell me three things that you love about your body right now. No, really. What are they?

Sonnet Lauberth
September 14 2012

The 5 Love Languages for Better Intimacy

I wish Dr. Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages was around when I was growing up. It would have taught me things I did not realize until just...

How to Visualize Your Way to Success

Author Napoleon Hill once said, “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” If you are fuzzy on what you want to achieve—whether it’s...

Chris Freytag
September 11 2012

6 Ways to Find Your Inner Calm

I used to spend countless hours, days and nights worrying. Insomnia was my companion for many, many years with various dialogues that sounded like, “I...

Andrea Lewis
September 8 2012

11 Ways to Nurture Yourself

Are you feeling a little rundown, unmotivated and dull? Then it is time you took a day out of your busy schedule to nurture, pamper, love and nourish...

Claire Charters
August 29 2012

4 Ways to Give Back to Yourself

Giving to others is so generous of spirit, character and self. Giving is loving, selfless and admirable. Giving is everything mentioned unless the...

Kelly O'Brien
August 28 2012

4 Steps to Holistic Money Management & Abundance

Balance and harmony are important in so many areas of our lives, yet it's not something we focus on when we think about our money. However, it’s...

Mindy Crary
August 28 2012

Healing Yourself After Antibiotics

The word “antibiotic” literally means “against life.” And that’s what these nasty pills do – though they may heal your body of the harmful bacteria...

Kristen Hedges
August 27 2012

10 Gratitude Principles to Live By

About five years ago now, my financial security was threatened by circumstances in my life over which I had absolutely no control.

Heidi Fettig Parton
August 24 2012

Hunger: What Are You Really Craving?

My body is amazing at letting me know I’m disconnected from my deeper self. Take last week for example, each day I found myself wanting sugar. And...

Melissa Baker
August 21 2012

4 Quick Meditations for Anybody & Everybody

I began exploring meditation at the ripe age of nine, drawing inspiration from a "New Age" mother and a father who was fascinated by Buddhism. I...

Travis Eliot
August 20 2012

4 Way to Stop Negative Self-Talk

We all know those moments in life when we are stressed, tired, and a little bit on edge with the world. When things just don’t run as smoothly for us...

Caroline Zwickson, M.A.
August 20 2012

3 Ways to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

"May today there be peace within; may you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are...

Cat O'Connor
August 20 2012

The Blame Stops Here

I often asked to explain to people what the purpose of yoga is in 100 words or less. In my standard elevator speech what I share is that yoga practice...

Silvia Mordini
August 19 2012

5 Ways to Transform Negative Self Talk

Live your life with intent by becoming aware of the words you use in your everyday life. This means learning to be conscience of how you speak to...

Claire Charters
August 18 2012

10 Superfoods for More Energy

Homeostasis is another word for body balance. It is the state that your body seeks to achieve at every moment of every day. When your body is out of...

Jessica Sepel
August 10 2012

5 Key Reasons Why Yoga Works

Yoga means union. In a world that bombards us with clichés regarding a mind, body, and spirit connection, this is very important. But, in real people...

Silvia Mordini
August 9 2012

3 Ways to Find Your Inner Child

The inner child is that part of you who wants to play; who wants to dance and rock out to the music; who wants to lie in the sun and just be.

Jia Ni Teo
August 9 2012

4 Steps to Create Your Joy List

“What is a joy list?” you may find yourself saying out loud over your morning coffee and Facebook as you read this.

Jennifer Pastiloff
August 8 2012