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These 5 Practices Are Crucial For Building Babies' Brains As They Develop

Every song, cuddle, giggle, and game of peekaboo they receive is essential for a baby's future endeavors.

11 Ways To Empower Your Kids While Cooking A Meal

Instead of shying away from including your kids in the kitchen, embrace these tiny helpers.

Maria Lichty
September 5 2019

3 Ways Parents Shape Their Kids' Emotional Intelligence Without Realizing It

Hint: It all has to do with how parents express their OWN emotions.

Marc Brackett, Ph.D.
September 4 2019

(Mostly) Mindful Parenting: Two Picky Eaters, Two Parenting Styles & Lots Of Running Around

How a mom of two active kids has two secret weapons to keep up every single day.

Krista Soriano
September 3 2019

(Mostly) Mindful Parenting: Going Back To School With Kids Who Love Getting Outside

Watch this video to see how this family winds down after a busy day.

Krista Soriano
September 3 2019

Want To Raise Independent, Successful Kids? 3 Reasons To Treat Them Like Adults

If there's one thing Esther Wojcicki knows, it's how to empower children.

Colleen Wachob
September 3 2019

It's Back To School! How To Establish A Successful Morning Routine

Limit tantrums and get out the door on time with a few simple tricks.

Alexandra Engler
August 5 2019

Why Parents Should Make Sex A Priority (And 6 Ways To Do It!)

Keeping sex alive is good for your relationship *and* makes you a better parent.

Jessa Zimmerman, M.A.
August 3 2019

Bored Kids? How To Create A Wild Adventure Indoors & Year-Round

Just because you can't get outdoors doesn't mean you can't get a little wild.

Alexandra Engler
July 31 2019

7 Holistic Ways To Deal With Anxiety During Your Pregnancy

Especially in the first trimester, it's so normal to be overwhelmed and freaked out.

Sarah Ezrin
July 12 2019

Is Your Kid Addicted To Screen Time? Maybe You Should Look At Your Own Behavior

Technological distractions during parenting might cause more issues than you think.

Alexandra Engler
July 10 2019

How To Raise A Wild Child: Here's How To Help Your City Kid Love Nature

If you live in the city—or even if you don't—your kid might not be as used to the great outdoors.

Alexandra Engler
July 3 2019