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Parents With Back-To-School Scaries — We Made This Guide Just For You

August 09, 2023
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August 09, 2023

We all dread the end of summer, but as a parent, it's next level. After the stress of school supply shopping is over, the back-to-school adjustment period kicks in—from fighting to get out the door in the morning to arguing over homework to finding a way to get everyone fed, bathed, and in bed without the (inevitable) meltdown. 

But while getting back into the swing of things can be chaotic, it's also the perfect time to create new routines—and trust us, you're going to want them to keep you sane. Implementing grounding practices and balancing products like OLLY's lineup of supplements can help to support the whole family throughout the back-to-school season and beyond. To get you started, we've put together a list of techniques that have yet to fail us.

4 tips for easing into the school year:

1. Make time for yourself in the a.m.

Mornings are tough, but making an effort to get up well before the rest of the family can be a serious game changer. Whether it's squeezing in an early-morning workout, creating your to-do list, prepping breakfast, or all of the above, waking up early gives you undisturbed time to get centered and organized before your little angels (er, monsters?) have to be up. 

Becoming a morning person doesn't happen overnight, though, so don't throw in the towel after a few snoozed alarms. Taking OLLY Extra Strength Daily Energy gummies in the morning can be a helpful tool. With 1,000 mcg of vitamin B12, they give you the caffeine-free boost you need to stay energized.*

OLLY Extra Strength Daily Energy

Uplevel your cellular energy with a caffeine-free boost. This delicious daily gummy helps get to the root of energy production by fueling your internal powerhouse.*

2. Ground down after school. 

If your kiddos tend to return from school all wound up and cranky, integrating a little mindfulness into their after-school routine may be just the ticket. As adults we know that taking a moment to connect to breath can help to relieve stress and promote better sleep, but recent research suggests that the same is true for kids. Get into the habit of encouraging some grounding breathwork on the ride home from school. 

The more you do it, the more your littles will actually start to look forward to it—especially if you end each session with a couple OLLY Kids Chillax™ gummies. A sweet blend of raspberry, lime, and orange flavors, these soothing gummies contain magnesium, L-theanine, and lemon balm to help calm the mind and body.* And if mom or dad is also looking for a little Zen, check out Goodbye Stress®. With a combination of GABA, L-theanine, and lemon balm, Goodbye Stress® provides the balance your body needs to help you stay cool, calm, and collected–so naturally they're a carpool must.*

OLLY Kids Chillax™️

C is for Calm. These peaceful pals are just the thing to help gently calm little minds and bodies while helping kiddos stay engaged.*

3. Get outside.

It's no secret that nature makes us happier, healthier humans. Studies show that spending time outside is associated with better mental health, improved mood1, heightened immunity2, and higher-quality sleep1. But unfortunately, kids aren't getting outside like they used to… On average, kids spend about four to seven minutes per day outdoors compared to seven and a half-hours in front of screens. 

What they do at school is out of your hands—but at home, the more al fresco activities the better. Playing in the yard is great if that's a feasible option, but there are other ways to sprinkle in bits of nature. For instance, we love a post-dinner group walk because it encourages you to digest and connect, both with the family and with Mother Nature. You can even bring along the flashcards for a little studying on the move!

Image by BONNINSTUDIO / Stocksy

4. Maintain a stable bedtime routine. 

When it comes to bedtime, routine is key. In fact, a study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine3 found that a regular nightly routine is associated with better sleep in young children. If they know what to expect (and when), there's little room for protest. For starters, try enforcing a no-screen rule in the hour leading up to bed. Looking at a phone, computer, or TV too close to bedtime can mess with the body's production of melatonin

After bathing, brushing teeth, and changing into a fresh set of PJs, have them dim the lights and cozy up for story time. If they're not asleep before you're done reading, they're sure to be snoozing once the lights are out. But for the occasional restless night, we love OLLY Kids Sleep gummies. The mild blend of melatonin, L-theanine, and botanicals helps to soothe unsettled kiddos into a good night's rest.* And for Mom + Dad's nighttime routine, OLLY Sleep does not disappoint. 

OLLY Kids Sleep

Kiddos thrive on routine, so troublesome bedtimes can be a real setback. This mild blend is just the thing for those occasional restless nights.*

5. Rinse and repeat. 

The back-to-school season can be just as hard on parents as it is on kids (if not harder), but our little ones depend on us to keep them afloat. Instead of harping on the impending chaos, focus your attention on creating simple routines that will set everyone up for a successful year ahead. Once it clicks, you'll never look back—and each summer it will become a little less daunting to return to school. Dare we say you might even look forward to it?   

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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