The 17 Most Beautiful Day Hikes Around The World

Written by Leigh Weingus

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With summer officially here and travel on all of our brains, many of us are embracing the active vacation. Don't get us wrong; we like to lie around on the beach as much as the next person, but here at mbg there's nothing we love more than a vacation that involves a mind-clearing hike in the wilderness or along the coastline.

Whether you're knee-deep in summer vacation planning or you simply have a serious case of wanderlust, we combed the globe with a little help for our mbg community to bring you 17 of the most beautiful hikes in the world.

Bondi to Coogee walk, Sydney, Australia

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Length: 3.75 miles.

Difficulty: Easy.

What makes it special: This stunning coastline hike will take you past landmarks like the Bondi baths and a historical cemetery, and you'll pass through tiny beach towns along the way. While the hike itself is pretty short, you can turn it into a daylong adventure by stopping in the different towns for a break or a bite to eat.

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The Enchanted Forest Trail, Patagonia, Chile

Length: 1.1 miles.

Difficulty: Moderate.

What makes it special: Short it may be, but this trail in Chile's Queulat National Park will get your heart rate up with its steep climbs. If you get there early, the lush green trail will be relatively quiet, and the climbing pays off with serene views of a turquoise lagoon.

The Ewoldsen Trail, Big Sur, California

Length: 5.1 miles.

Difficulty: Moderate.

What makes it special: This hike starts in a redwood forest and winds its way to a breathtaking overlook of the California coast. Although difficult at times, whenever this 5-mile loop starts to tire you out, it quickly evens out again. At the end, you'll feel tired but not spent—and ready to grab organic pizza at Big Sur Bakery.

Fay Canyon Trail, Sedona, Arizona

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Length: 2.3 miles.

Difficulty: Easy.

What makes it special: This short trail through a ravine is on the easier side, but the payoff is big: Not only are the crowds minimal, but at the end of the trail you'll be rewarded with a view of the stunning Sedona Canyon, which isn't as well-known as some other Sedona hikes.

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Moraine Lake Rockpile Trail, Alberta, Canada

Length: 0.9 miles.

Difficulty: Easy.

What makes it special: While this hike is on the easier side, there are also more advanced trails in the area and all around the Canadian Rockies. You'll be enthralled by the vibrant blue water surrounded by tall, snow-capped mountains.

Grutschlap hike, Gimmelwald, Switzerland

Length: 4 miles.

Difficulty: Moderate.

What makes it special: With its stunning panoramic views and especially gorgeous mountains, Gimmelwald is easily one of the most beautiful places on earth. Over the course of this hike, you'll feel so high up in the Alps you'll swear you can touch the sky.

Tomales Point Trail, Point Reyes, California

Length: 9.4 miles.

Difficulty: Moderate.

What makes it special: This trail is on the longer side, but it's worth it. Just North of San Francisco, the Tomales Point Trail offers gorgeous views of the water, flora, and rare wildlife like elk.

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Nietzsche path, Eze, France

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Length: 1.6 miles.

Difficulty: Strenuous.

What makes it special: Nestled between Nice and Monaco, this hike starts at the Eze train station and takes you straight uphill into Eze Village, a quaint French town that overlooks the serene French Riviera.

Cinque Terre, Italy

Length: 7 miles.

Difficulty: Moderate.

What makes it special: Located near the Tuscan region of Italy, the 7-mile stretch that is Cinque Terre will take you through five scenic coastal Italian towns with views of the water, mountains, and rainbow-colored houses.

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Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

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Length: 128 miles.

Difficulty: Moderate.

What makes it special: First and foremost, we know 128 miles is not ideal for a day hike! But any length of this stunning circuit in Nepal will blow you away. The mountains are perfect, the trail is serene, and the food you'll find along the way is delicious.

Caldera Trail Fira to Oia, Santorini, Greece

Length: 6.2 miles.

Difficulty: Moderate.

What makes it special: This quiet and serene trail along the cliffs of Santorini offers the most picturesque views of this famously beautiful Greek Island.

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Cape Falcon hike, Nehalem, Oregon

Length: 4.9 miles.

Difficulty: Moderate.

What makes it special: If you find yourself in the Northwest, you don't want to miss this hike. Although it can be a bit muddy, the scenic trail along the Oregon Coast offers sweeping views of the water and the chance to see different varieties of Oregon wildlife.

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Length: 1.24 miles.

Difficulty: Easy.

What makes it special: This a mostly flat hike gives you the rare opportunity to walk around the base of a volcano with views of old lava flow. Be warned, though—this is the most active volcano in the country (but the last eruption was in 1992).

Il Sentiero degli Dei, Positano, Italy

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Length: 4.85 miles.

Difficulty: Moderate.

What makes it special: Translating to "the path of the Gods," this spectacular trail on the Amalfi Coast of Italy links the towns of Agerola and Nocelle. You'll get gorgeous panoramas of Amalfi and the Island of Capri throughout, as well as nonstop views of the cobalt blue sea and sky.

Shelf Road Trail, Ojai, California

Distance: 3.5 miles.

Difficulty: Moderate.

What makes it special: Mostly easy with a few hillier spots, this unpaved trail overlooks the hills of sparkling golden and green Ojai Valley of California.

Triund Trek, McLeod Ganj, India

Distance: 4.5 miles.

Difficulty: Moderate.

What makes it special: This lush forest trail has astounding views of the entire Kranga Valley in India. As a nice bonus, this is an ideal place to pop a tent and camp out for the night if you feel like turning your day hike into a larger adventure.

Pilgrim's Way To Holy Island, Northumberland Coast, U.K.

Distance: 5 miles.

Difficulty: Easy.

What makes it special: This island has been a place of pilgrimage since the year 635, when King Oswald handed over the Holy Island of Lindisfarne to St. Aiden for his monastery, so it's safe to say this hike is a historical, spiritual, and significant one. On top of that, it offers beautiful views of the Northumberland coastline. Be prepared to take off your hiking boots and bond with the earth, though—this trail gets muddy and is best done barefoot.

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