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This Is One Of The Most Critical Parts Of Your Skin Health: Are You Damaging It?

The skin barrier sounds like a simple concept but is actually quite complex when you get into the details. One such detail is the moisture barrier.

Alexandra Engler
March 15

Biotin Is In Tons Of Hair Supplements — But Does It Work?

If you're on a quest for long locks, check out this supplement.*

An Esthetician To The Stars Shares 3 Tips She Tells All Her Clients

Natalie Aguilar is a dermatological nurse and founder of N4 Skincare, and her skillful hands have graced the faces of many A-listers. Here, her best...

A Dermatologist Says She Never Travels Without This Ultra-Hydrating Lip Balm

Why is it that traveling makes you feel like you need to moisturize your skin twice as often?

Hannah Frye
March 4