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The 8 Metabolism-Boosting Foods That Nutrition Experts Rely On

Eat 'em daily to give your system a little boost.

#metabolism #gut health #thyroid
Liz Moody
March 24 2019

If You're Having Trouble Losing Weight, Here's What To Ask Your Doctor

What your doctor says to you (and how they say it) can make all the difference.

#news #metabolism #confidence
Ray Bass, NASM-CPT
March 21 2019

Here's How I Get 80 Grams Of Protein A Day Without Eating Meat

Because meat's not the only food that has protein, you know.

#protein #running #vegetarian #vegan #metabolism
Ray Bass, NASM-CPT
March 13 2019

Meet The Blood-Sugar-Balancing Tea You've Never Heard Of

The health benefits of pu-erh, including better blood sugar balance and heart health.

#Blood Sugar #tea #sugar #metabolism
Marvin Singh, M.D.
March 11 2019

This Vegan Chili Has A Secret Energy-Boosting Ingredient

It's delicious and will keep going all day!

Caroline Muggia
March 10 2019

These Paleo Matcha Muffins Are Detoxifying & Energizing

They're easy to make and delicious!

#green tea #metabolism #immunity
Caroline Muggia
February 16 2019
PAID CONTENT FOR Alan Christianson, NMD, author of The Metabolism Reset Diet

This One Thing Plays A Huge Role In Slowing Your Metabolism (And What To Do About It)

Here's how your liver can affect your weight.

#partner #metabolism #digestion
Alan Christianson, NMD
February 6 2019

If You Do One Thing To Boost Your Metabolism, This Should Be It

A new study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, shows that intermittent fasting can boost metabolism.

#metabolism #news
Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
February 2 2019

Struggling To Lose Weight? It's Time To Try Micro Workouts

How micro workouts can help reset your metabolism, including retaining muscle mass and making your mitochondria stronger.

Alan Christianson, NMD
January 29 2019

Is The Pill Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals?

How the pill influences weight gain, metabolism, and body composition, including its effect on testosterone.

#hormones #metabolism
Jolene Brighten, N.D.
January 26 2019

Here's How Intermittent Fasting Rewires Your Metabolism

And how to get the benefits.

#intermittent fasting #metabolism #news
Caroline Muggia
January 20 2019

This Hormone Could Shut Down Your Metabolism When Your Body Is Highly Active

Does This Hormone Block Fat-Burning? New Study May Have Found The Answer

#metabolism #hormones #study #workout #news
Elizabeth Gerson
January 14 2019

These Healthy Foods Can Disrupt Blood Sugar & Prevent You From Burning Fat

Common foods that might be causing weight gain, including fruit, starchy vegetables, and "healthy" sweeteners.


I Start My Day With These Quick Metabolism-Boosting Practices & I Feel Better Than Ever

How to start your day to boost your metabolism, including grounding, intermittent fasting, and sunlight in the morning.

#metabolism #sleep #intermittent fasting #My Why
Amy Shah, M.D.
January 4 2019

These Are The Healthiest Weight Loss Strategies, According To Our Top Health Experts

The healthiest weight loss strategies, including intermittent fasting, mindful eating, and the keto diet.

#metabolism #intermittent fasting #ketogenic
Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
January 3 2019

5 Coffee Mistakes That Can Cause Weight Gain & What To Do

Is your morning cup of coffee contributing to a growing waistline?

#drinks #metabolism #Blood Sugar #tea #coffee
Jillian Kubala, M.S., R.D.
November 11 2018

I Started Eating For My Metabolism & My Body Changed In A Bunch Of Unexpected Ways

Personalized metabolism diet benefits, including decreased bloat, effortless weight management, and more energy.

#metabolism #Blood Sugar
Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
October 21 2018

Ever Go Through Stages When You're Hungry ALL The Time? Here's Exactly What To Do

What to do when you're hungry all the time, including eating more fat, nuts, and protein.

#metabolism #fats #Blood Sugar
Eva Selhub, M.D.
October 20 2018

It's Not Just How Much Sleep You Get That Matters — It's WHEN You Fall Asleep, Too

It's not just about the number of hours you clock with your eyes closed.

#metabolism #news
Caroline Shannon-Karasik
September 25 2018