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This Rock Star's Nutritionist Has The Best Healthy Holiday Travel Tips

Take it from someone who spends 8 months of the year on the road.

Courtney Swan
7 hours ago

Peep This Interior Designer's Minimalist Home & Snag Her Holiday Hosting Tips

She has the most incredible home office we've ever seen.

Emma Loewe
2 days ago

Let's Settle This: Is A Real Tree Or A Fake Tree More Eco-Friendly?

All of the cheer, less of the environmental impact.

Evangeline Calder
5 days ago

What Gift To Get Someone Based On Their Zodiac Sign

A coffee-table book for every Libra in your life.

The AstroTwins
December 5

The One-Day Cleanse Jessica Alba's Nutritionist Recommends To All Her Clients During The Holiday Season

Do it throughout the month to keep your blood sugar stable and your hormones balanced.

Kelly LeVeque
November 27

Start A New Black Friday Ritual This Year With These 7 Ideas

Skip over the long lines and spend your day relaxing and recovering.

Emma Loewe
November 24

This Is The Healthiest Breakfast You Can Make With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

It's all about reseting your blood sugar and getting your hormones back in balance.

Liz Moody
November 24

5 Gentle Pilates Moves To Kick-Start Your Digestion

Because we know you want to eat all the vegan stuffing.

Erika Bloom
November 24

10 Reasons To Feel Hope & Gratitude This Thanksgiving

Feeling down this holiday? Here are 10 reasons to get hopeful

Olessa Pindak
November 23