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Bleaching Your Brows Can Be Dangerous — How To Mimic The Look, Sans Bleach

As the '90s showed us, brow trends are not always forgiving.

#makeup #brows
Hannah Frye
August 16 2022

Do You Wax Your Eyebrows? Look Out For This Sneaky Reaction

It's super common.

#hair #brows #skin care
Jamie Schneider
July 28 2022

Want Thick & Defined Eyebrows? You Should Book This Service Stat

Perfect for those who favor a tailored brow.

#brows #skin care #hair #mbgpersonalcare
Jamie Schneider
June 24 2022

We Can Thank Drag Culture For Our Gloriously Full, Defined Brows

Drag queens have been doing this for ages.

#brows #makeup
Jamie Schneider
June 9 2022

I Never Thought I Could Have Full, Fluffy Brows — Until I Found This Product

If you have fine, sparse brows, you're going to want to read this.

#makeup #brows #hair
Jamie Schneider
June 4 2022

This Unlikely Product Can Fluff Your Eyebrows As Effectively As Brow Gel

Fashion your fluffiest brows yet.

#brows #hair #mbgpersonalcare
Jamie Schneider
March 31 2022

The Unexpected Product This Hairstylist Swears By To Conceal A Sparse Hairline

If your crown looks a bit thin, try this trick.

#hair #makeup #brows
Jamie Schneider
September 15 2021

I Have Sparse, Fine Brows: This Is The *Only* Product That Helps Them Look Full

If, like me, you have superfine brows, you may want to rethink your eyebrow products.

#hair #brows #makeup
Jamie Schneider
September 8 2021

The One Area People Often Forget To Apply SPF & It Can Change Your Whole Face

Don't leave this area unprotected.

#hair #brows #skin care
Jamie Schneider
September 6 2021

The Skin Care Hack For Fluffy, Youthful Brows You're Probably Missing

Don't forget about this easy step.

#hair #skin care #brows
Jamie Schneider
September 1 2021

How To Care For Your Eyebrows In Your 20s, 30s, 40s & Beyond

Your delicate eyebrow hairs grow older as you do.

#hair #brows #healthy aging #skin care
Jamie Schneider
May 20 2021

Yes, You Can Pluck Your Own Brows Like A Pro: This 7-Step Guide Is Proof

Deep breaths—you got this.

#hair #skin care #brows
Jamie Schneider
May 13 2021

This Is How To Match Your Brows To Your Face Shape, In Case You're Curious

Eyebrows can quite literally change the shape of your face, so why not help them flatter your facial features?

#brows #hair #skin care
Jamie Schneider
May 12 2021

This Universally Flattering Brow Style Is A+ For Every Eyebrow Shape

Mold your arches into the best they can be.

#hair #brows
Jamie Schneider
April 30 2021

Pencils, Powders & Pomades: Which Product Is Best For Your Brow Goals?

Let's dive into the waters of brow styling, shall we?

#skin care #hair #brows
Jamie Schneider
April 8 2021

OK, So You've Over-Plucked Your Eyebrows: Here Are 4 Steps To Fix Them

A plan of action for the tweezer-happy among us.

#skin care #makeup #brows
Jamie Schneider
April 1 2021