This Is The Skin Care Hack For Fluffy, Youthful Brows You're Probably Missing

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We love a good brow serum around here, but we understand you might not have the bandwidth to add yet another step to your skin care routine. Sure, people swear by them for their ability to foster fuller, thicker brows, but if you're not actively trying to encourage hair growth? You might just skip 'em. 

But make no mistake: You should always focus on moisture, even if hair growth isn't your main goal at the moment. Hydrated, healthy hairs appear fluffier and more youthful—and to keep the brows from thinning over time, it's crucial to keep the hairs aptly conditioned. 

That's not to say you need to invest in a brow serum (or spend more time at the sink during your routine). According to celebrity brow artist René de la Garza, you can simply apply moisturizer or eye cream on your brows to help them stay full—no extra products or steps required.

Why you should apply moisturizer on your brows. 

Let us remind you that your brow hairs are made of the same structural components as the hair on your head—and just like those strands, they need to be washed and conditioned. The cleansing step feels more intuitive for some reason: Especially if you wear makeup—brow pencil, powder, and the like—you likely spend some time (gently) scrubbing the brows to remove the product. 

The problem is, people often forget to replenish that moisture after the fact. And according to de la Garza, "[that] would be the equivalent of shampooing your hair without conditioning it." In other words? A recipe for parched, brittle strands—which are more prone to thinning and breakage. 

To condition the brow hairs, you could dedicate a whole step to a trusty brow serum or swipe of castor oil. Or, says de la Garza, you could simply apply your moisturizer or eye cream up top. You're already massaging in your moisturizer or tapping an eye cream on your brow bone—just take a moment to send an extra dollop to the brow hairs themselves. 

"Most people think that skin care is solely for the skin, when in reality it can be used on brows as well," he notes. Plus, many creams and brow serums contain overlapping ingredients, anyways: De la Garza is partial to ones with fatty acids, moisturizing oils (like jojoba or squalane), and ceramides, as these are beloved to "help nourish and soften the brows." And since hair ages with free radical damage, a moisturizer loaded with antioxidants is top-notch for the brows, too. 


The takeaway. 

To keep your brows fluffy and healthy, you'll want to keep them moisturized. However, many people forget that you can simply swipe your excess moisturizer or eye cream on top of those brow hairs—that's all you need to condition the delicate strands. Just make sure to be gentle on those slim patches of hair when you're applying the cream; no need to pluck any brow hairs in the process. 

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