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Your Slippers Need Arch Support, Too — Try These Top Picks

Slippers need arch support, too.


I Swear By This Sports Bra To Stop Boob Bounce (Even During HIIT Workouts)

Even a trampoline workout was no match for this bra.

#hiit #empowerment #athleisure
Merrell Readman
September 5 2022

I Can Comfortably Walk 12 Miles Wearing These Recyclable Sneakers

Meet my *sole* mate.

#Healthy Travel #athleisure #mbgsupplements
Braelyn Wood
April 19 2022

Put In The Work: 4 Tips For Motivating Your Best Workout

Motivate and energize yourself with these four simple tips.

#partner #athleisure
Devon Barrow
April 6 2021

Move Your Way: 6 Tips For Using Yoga To Embrace Your Unique Body

Connect to your body, and find purpose through practice.

#partner #athleisure
Meg Phillips
January 28 2021

The Uplifted Shift: Yogic Ways To Boost Your Mood At Home

Read on for five things that make a daily practice even more uplifting.

#partner #athleisure #flexibility
Meg Phillips
May 5 2020

From Sporty To Super-Soft, Here Are 12 Pairs Of Sweatpants We Swear By

Because you really can't have too many sweatpants.

#athleisure #COVID-19
Kristine Thomason
May 3 2020

13 Best Running Leggings That Will Make You Extra Motivated To Log Miles

Meet your new running buddy.

#running #COVID-19 #athleisure
Kristine Thomason
April 30 2020

How To Build A Wardrobe That Protects Our Planet

Fill it with materials like Merino wool, cotton, and linen.

#partner #athleisure
Krista Soriano
April 20 2020

The 17 Best Athleisure Pieces To Upgrade Your Work-From-Home Wardrobe

It's time to upgrade your new uniform.

Kristine Thomason
April 19 2020

From Workout To Work: How This Odor-Resisting, Temperature-Regulating Fabric Goes The Distance

Wool: the most versatile fabric.

#partner #athleisure #running
Meg Phillips
April 14 2020
PAID CONTENT FOR CALIA by Carrie Underwood

These 6 Fun Mother’s Day Dates All Have A Healthy Spin

This mother's day, take your quality time to the next level by getting active together. 

#partner #motherhood #athleisure
April 23 2019

Vanessa Hudgens' Trick To Staying Lean & Energized

Hint: The answer is very mindbodygreen.

#intermittent fasting #athleisure #celebrity #ketogenic
Ray Bass, NASM-CPT
April 11 2019
PAID CONTENT FOR CALIA by Carrie Underwood

The 5 Morning Habits I Practice To Boost My Digestion & Calm My Mind

Taking time for yourself each morning will set your day up for success.

#athleisure #yoga
Melanie Torres
May 29 2018

This Is What Body-Positive Athleisure Looks Like

Is this the last frontier in wellness?

#athleisure #body positivity #empowerment #friendship #running
Krysten Peck
May 4 2018

Jessica Biel's Latest Venture Has Wellness Written All Over It

Wellness on the mat has never looked better.

#athleisure #celebrity #chakras #confidence #hormones
Krysten Peck
May 1 2018

5 Hacks For A Smooth Transition From Running Indoors To Running Outdoors

Ease into spring the right way.

#athleisure #breakfast #longevity #organic food #running
Krysten Peck
April 28 2018