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How To Use Intention Setting & Community To Manifest Your Dreams

By Jordan Younger
mbg Contributor
Jordan Younger is an LA-based blogger behind the wellness and lifestyle blog The Balanced Blonde.
Photo by Tamara Muth-King

It’s a new year, and we know what that means. It’s time to crush our goals and intentions and get to work on everything we say we are going to do all year long. The New Year gives us a burst of inspiration to get clear on what we really want and a clean slate to go for it.

The only problem is, sometimes there is so much we want to do that the first few weeks of a new year can feel almost paralyzing. We have our career aspirations, fitness goals, travel inspiration and ideas, not to mention personal intentions, books we want to read, things we want to learn; the list goes on!

I think it is very natural to get stuck in that place of semi-panic after the New Year, feeling like there is so much to accomplish and not enough time in the day to do it. That’s why it’s important to have a plan of attack when it comes to all that we want to do and also the mindset of being easy on ourselves. Nothing great stems from being stressed out—take it from me; I’ve been there a few times too many!

Today I will be sharing some of my favorite ways of staying motivated in the new year. Nothing crazy fancy, just real-life tactics and tips to stay on top of your goals and feel more and more amazing with each passing month of the year:

1. Get clear on what your goals and intentions are.

I can’t tell you how crucial this step is. Drawing inward and getting clear on what it is we want to focus on is absolutely huge. I am big into writing my intentions monthly, and I like to write them in list format. I keep them simple and clear so that I can really get through them and incorporate them into my life. One example is, "Meditate every morning for 15 minutes." Now that I am clear on that intention and how important it is to me, I do it every day. Without writing it down and digging deep into my psyche about why meditation enhances my life so much, I may not be able to stay on top of the goal as well as I do having it written out.

2. Commit to trying something new every month.

Photo: Tamara Muth-King

Especially when it comes to fitness, I’ve found that committing to trying something new each month makes a huge difference when it comes to staying on top of my goals for the year. I think it’s easy to get stuck in a rut when we do the same thing day in and day out, but it’s fun and exciting to try something you’ve never done before. For instance, if you are a big yogi and you’ve never tried a HIIT class…commit to trying one HIIT class this year. Plan it with a friend so you’re more likely to show up. Who knows, you might fall in love with it and it may become your new favorite thing!

I have been wearing my Tek Gear top and leggings with my New Balance sneakers, both from Kohl's, and it helps make it so much more fun to try new workouts when you love what you’re wearing. What I love so much about their Tek Gear apparel is that I feel so comfortable in it, I can focus on the workout at hand instead of pulling at my clothes, feeling encased, etc. The sports bra is seamless and has DRY TEK moisture-wicking fabric, which allows me to move not only freely but comfortably. The top is made of jersey material, which makes it versatile and great for layering, and the leggings have a power mesh tummy panel, which makes this outfit one of my favorites as it’s so versatile—I could hop into an Orangetheory class with it, or a yoga class, and end with meditation. The material is soft and cozy for this unpredictable LA weather!

3. Focus on the Law of Attraction to believe that what you want is coming.

If you are purely focused on results, you probably won’t get the results you’re looking for. If you focus instead on manifesting the emotion you want to feel, and believing wholeheartedly that what you want is already yours…you are much more likely to receive what it is that you want. For example, if you are focused on toning your arms or losing 5 pounds, think about how you will feel once you’ve achieved that goal. Then you'll see that the real goal is to feel strong and healthy in your body, to feel good and have confidence shining from the inside. Focus on that feeling, and it will be much easier to attain!

4. Find a friend or community to stay on track with.

This one makes a huge difference. When we set goals and intentions as a group, then we have instant accountability buddies to check in with, share the ups and downs of the process, and to show up with. A big intention of mine this year is to spend more time working out outdoors, but I know I won’t always make that decision on my own. When it’s up to me, I will usually wind up at the yoga studio down the street because it’s easy and it’s in my comfort zone. So I make an effort to make plans with my best friend for once-a-week hikes and even to sign up for half-marathons with friends months in advance so we can train outside together and work toward our mutual goal. That way, you're having so much fun in the process, you don't even realize you are working toward your goals.

5. Be easy on yourself if you fall off the wagon, and then get right back on!

Photo: Tamara Muth-King

It’s so much easier to stay motivated when we relax and listen to our bodies from the inside out. If you have a day or two when your body is telling you to do something that’s different from your workout plan or meal plan…by all means, listen! That self-love and kindness will go a long way with being able to maintain your goals long term. When it comes to self-love, I do think it’s really important to love the skin you're in and feel totally comfy in your workout clothes and shoes. This outfit from Kohl’s has been my go-to this year, and I have truly been more on top of my intentions than ever before.

The truth is, doing all of these things makes our goals more of a new lifestyle for us than anything else. In the past I wasn't a big believer in once-a-year goals and intentions because I felt so strongly that wellness is a lifestyle that is best lived all year long. But the amazing thing is, with the clean slate of the New Year, we can have all of it! It’s a great push in the direction of feeling our best.

Photo: Tamara Muth-King

If you try any of these tips and tricks, let me know how they work for you. I will be incorporating all of them into my routine this year, and I have a good feeling about 2018 already! Also, check out the Tek Gear top and leggings and my New Balance sneakers from Kohl’s in this post and shop around. They have become my go-to destination for all things wellness and truly help to keep me grounded and motivated for all my goals this year!

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Jordan Younger

Jordan Younger is the creator of wellness & lifestyle brand The Balanced Blonde which includes her top-read blog, Forbes acclaimed podcast, thriving social media community, high vibe digital store, & soul-inspiring retreats and events. She hosts the podcast SOUL ON FIRE, which dives into everything from plant medicine and nutrition to channeling angels & aliens. Jordan is a mother, author, intuitive, recipe developer, and the creator of The Balanced Blonde digital store, filled with plant-based programs, awakening courses & spiritual merch. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, her son Atticus & her cat Hudson.