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In A Crunch To Work Out? This 2-Minute Workout Should Take Care Of That

April 25, 2018
By Nikki Sharp
mbg Contributor
Nikki Sharp is an author, wellness expert, former model, and E-RYT.
Photo by Tamara Muth-King
April 25, 2018

For me, exercise has become something that I love to do as often as possible, because it makes me feel good—but this hasn’t always been the case. I used to see exercise as a form of punishment for eating unhealthily or feeling like I needed to burn calories, which never made working out enjoyable. In truth, how many of us really enjoy being on a treadmill for longer than a few minutes?

After rebuilding my relationship towards movement and my body, I now use exercise as a reward because I know when I do it, the results are tenfold: I feel good about myself; I have more energy; I sleep better; and I don't fret over calories I eat because I make better choices. Plus, I prioritize moving my body every day, even if it’s just a walk to my local coffee shop to get my blood flowing.

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Ideally, I try to get in a great workout 4-5 days a week, which can range from yoga and running, to hiking and lifting weights. However, sometimes I just don’t have time to make it to the gym or spend extra time showering after a run, so I make it a priority to move my body first thing in the morning with 3 of the most effective moves to tone your body.

The best part about this routine is that you can use these moves anytime, anywhere; however, I recommend doing them first thing in the morning to kickstart your metabolism and energize you for the day ahead. Just grab your SKECHERS (bonus points if they’re bright and colorful as studies say1 this can have an effect on you mood) set your phone timer for 30 seconds per exercise, with a 10 second rest between each of the following moves:

  • Burpee x 30 seconds
  • Jump squat x 30 seconds
  • Reverse lunge x 30 seconds on each leg

If you don’t have time for a full workout, sticking to this quick 3-move sequence each morning will actually leave you with quicker and more efficient results than going to the gym once a week! It’s a 2-minute circuit that tones your entire body! If you want to make this more of an intense workout, repeat the circuit 3-4 times to challenge yourself to beat your record for each exercise to get more than the time before.

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Here are some tips to empower you to move your body every day:

  1. Lay your clothes out the night before. This way, you’re less likely to skip your workout. Put your socks next to your SKECHERS and place them next to your bed
  2. Reorient your thinking to focus on how you want to feel rather than look. This will be super important during moments when you feel like giving up because you’re not seeing the results you’d like.
  3. Find exercises that you enjoy and try new things that pique your interest. Just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean you need to do it.
  4. Consistency is key. Sticking to my exercises every morning or a few times a week provides better results than one day at the gym.
  5. Schedule your workouts in your phone like you do a business meeting or appointment. Prioritize yourself as much as you do work.
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Nikki Sharp

Nikki Sharp is an author, wellness expert, and former model. She is the author of The 5-Day Real Food Detox, Meal Prep Your Way To Weight Loss, and Models Do Eat. She also created The 5-Day Detox app and is a co-host on her podcast, #Adulting. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Shape, Elle, Men's Health, Women’s Health, and the Huffington Post, and can be seen giving health tips on Hollywood Today, Hallmark's Home & Family, Extra, Access Hollywood, Good Day LA, and Fox News Health. Sharp has studied at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition and the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London while also exploring raw foods, sports nutrition, nutrition for everyday living, and Ayurveda. She is a certified health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a 200hr Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, and a plant-based chef.