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6 Root Chakra Exercises To Relieve Stress & Connect With Mother Nature

They are inspired by the Goddess Shailputri, who is known as Mother Earth in Indian traditions.

Ananta Ripa Ajmera
September 26 2022

A Big Ol' List Of Positive Affirmations To Use Any Time You Feel Down

Here's the science behind why affirmations can work, plus examples to get you started.

Sarah Regan
August 3 2022

Why The "Hot Girl Walk" Is The New Daily Habit You Need To Adopt ASAP

Don't let the name fool you—this inclusive social media trend encourages healthy movement and mental well-being for all.

Josey Murray
May 14 2022

The Mantra You Need For 2022, Based On Your Moon Sign In Vedic Astrology

Good news: It's shaping up to be an auspicious year for every sign.

Katy Jane, Ph.D.
January 19 2022

What Radical Self-Care Is & Why It's So Essential For Black Women

"The act of self-care has become critical to surviving in the modern world, especially as a Black woman."

Oludara Adeeyo, ASW
January 11 2022

4 Telltale Signs You're Lying To Yourself (& Why You May Be Doing It)

Turns out, it's human nature to fib to ourselves occasionally.

Sarah Regan
January 10 2022