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Energy Reading April 19–25, 2022: Clearing Out Limiting Beliefs To Remember Our Worth

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April 19, 2022
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Each week, join author and energy healer Natasha Levinger as she reads the communal energy to predict what's in store for us in the days ahead.
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When we are young, we don't yet know who we are, so we believe what the people around us tell us about ourselves. Unfortunately, sometimes what we're told is not the full picture or even the truth. The truth is that we are all expansive, all magical, all unique, and later in the week, the energy assists us in remembering that.

Earlier in the week, though, I'm sensing that we're collectively in for a bit of a bumpy ride. But this rocky energy is only there to reveal old patterns rooted in your heart chakra that are ready to go. Here's what to expect.

Energy Reading April 19–25, 2022: Remembering your divinity.

If you allow yourself to remain vulnerable earlier this week and feel your feelings with self-compassion, then you can get through it with an even stronger connection to your true self. 

When doing an energy reading for the week on my podcast, Magic Monday, I picked the Rabbit card from the Spirit Animal oracle deck, which reinforced this message. The description of the card reads, "Vulnerability is required of you now even if you don't feel safe. Act as if you trust that you will be OK, and soon you will see that you are OK." 

This is where having a strong inner parent will take you far. You are always OK. It's the inner child that can sometimes feel like they are not, especially if you were raised in an environment where they weren't! But now you have yourself. You are an adult, and you will be so much better off without these limiting beliefs about yourself. The more you support yourself, the more you can let those old feelings come out and through to reveal more of who you truly are.

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Let the light in.

With this fortified connection, I'm seeing a lot of light pouring in and an invitation to really own your power. Not in an "I am right, this is who I am, move aside" way but in an "I feel strongly connected to who I am, and I honor that" way. 

There is an invitation to be as big as you can be and to feel into the confidence of who you are. Building on last week's energy, where we were invited to validate ourselves, this week is also asking this of us—and to be unapologetic about it. 

If you can allow yourself to practice self-compassion when you are feeling vulnerable at the start of the week, there is a big opportunity for a newer, deeper version of radical self-acceptance. How you see yourself after this initial rockiness is what's at the heart of this. 

The last few weeks have asked us to see the dichotomy between the beliefs we have about ourselves (i.e., we are either all bad or all good) and instead check in with the truth of our divinity—the truth that we are expansive and more than enough.

Tools to try:

If you're feeling self-critical this week, close your eyes and imagine breathing in light. Feel the light going into all of your cells and expanding to fill up your aura. Imagine your aura getting bigger than the city, state, and country you're in, and keep going until it's bigger than the Earth.

Take some breaths here as you feel the light throughout your whole body and aura. Feel the sense of connection with others and how we are all truly magical beings of light if we simply get out of our own way.

Let your aura come back to about 2 feet around your body and put your hand on your heart.

To wrap up, give yourself an affirmation this week that reminds you of this expansive energy. Try the following affirmations, and see if they resonate:

  • I am strong, worthy, and connected to all.
  • I feel my power and value in all that I do.
  • I am a magical being, full of love and light. 
  • I know my worth, and I value my choices.
  • My magical energy is felt easily by everyone around me. 
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The bottom line.

This week starts with a flushing out of beliefs about ourselves that sting and aren't real but that we've previously invested in. Then, we have the opportunity to double down on our confidence and understand our worth.

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