27 Articles by Bindiya Gandhi, M.D.

Bindiya Gandhi, M.D.

Ayurveda To The Rescue: Stay Cool With These Easy Tips

Step away from the ice cubes and try these ancient tricks.

Bindiya Gandhi, M.D.
August 24 2016

What To Eat For Long, Luscious Hair

Eat your way to stronger, healthier locks.

Bindiya Gandhi, M.D.
August 3 2016

I'm A Functional Medicine Doctor. Here Are 5 Easy Ways I Balance My Hormones Every Day

From food to beauty products, here are 5 things you can do to get your estrogen levels in check.

Bindiya Gandhi, M.D.
June 29 2016

3 Parisian Lifestyle Secrets You Should Totally Steal

They say "oui" to walking everywhere.

Bindiya Gandhi, M.D.
June 13 2016

5 Common Hair Problems + Foods That Help Reverse Them

I field a lot of questions and complaint about hair loss from my patients. Many of them want a quick fix or an answer as the "why," but it's...

Bindiya Gandhi, M.D.
November 25 2015

5 Ways To Whiten Your Teeth (Without The Toxic Ingredients)

I'm very particular about my oral hygiene, something that stems from the fact that I wore braces when I was in college ... how horrifying! When the...

Bindiya Gandhi, M.D.
October 29 2015

The Surprising Reasons You Get Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles (And 5 Quick Fixes)

One of the most common questions I get asked by many patients is what they can do about the dark, puffy circles and bags under their eyes. Women spend...

Bindiya Gandhi, M.D.
September 29 2015