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Struggle To Put Down Your Phone At Night? Try This Sleep Psychologist's Hack

"I see sleep as my commute to tomorrow."

#The Wind Down #sleep #technology

5 Ways To Avoid Digital Stress (Even If You're On Screens All Day)

Have you heard of the 20-20 rule?

#news #stress #technology
Colleen Travers
April 13

I Used To Need Melatonin To Sleep — Until I Made This One Change

These changes helped me kick melatonin to the curb.

#sleep #The Wind Down #technology
Yunha Kim
April 5

These 5 Apps Make Tracking Your Fertility Easy (And Dare We Say Fun?)

Here's how to find the right one for you.

#technology #fertility
Chioma Eve
March 28

A Peek Inside An MD's "Biohacker Room" + Her Favorite Tools For Sleep

At the end of the day, you can find Molly Maloof, M.D., on an infrared mat.

#The Wind Down #sleep #breakfast #intermittent fasting #breath
Molly Maloof, M.D.
February 1

Can’t Stay Focused? What To Do (& Not Do), From A Neuroscientist

Hint: there's more to it than just putting down your phone.

#focus #technology #brain
Emily Kelleher
January 14

This Device Makes Skin Care Way More Effective (& An Exclusive Deal Saves You 66%)

Hint: It's even cheaper than on Black Friday.

Braelyn Wood
December 3 2022

Meditation Apps Are All The Rage, But This One Is The Most Popular For A Reason

This meditation app feels like the cool spiritual uncle you want to hang with.

#Guided Meditations #technology #stress #breath #sleep
Stephanie Catahan
October 1 2022

The Most Accurate Sleep Trackers Of 2023 + How Sleep Specialists Use Them

The do's and don'ts for measuring your way to better sleep.

#sleep #technology
Emma Loewe
September 30 2022

Breathe Easy With The Year's 6 Best Air Purifiers For Allergies

Not all air purifiers are created equal—but health experts say these are worth the investment.

#allergies #technology
Emma Loewe
August 24 2022

I Tried This Neuroscientist-Researched App & It Reduced My Anxiety

Nothing can replace therapy—but this app certainly helps.

#Mental fitness #technology
Merrell Readman
August 21 2022

Is Match.com Still The Best Dating App For Serious Relationships?

A look inside the paid version of Match.com, in case you've been curious.

#dating #single life #technology
Kathleen Wong
July 31 2022

These Fine Lines Are Way More Common In Your 30s — Here's What To Do

Derms explain how to avoid and combat these etchings.

#technology #healthy aging #mbgsupplements
Jamie Schneider
July 15 2022

Is Your Phone Or Computer Keeping You Up At Night? You Need These

These are the king of all blue-light blockers.

#sleep #technology
Emma Loewe
July 11 2022

This Phone Setting Is A Surprising Stress Trigger, Study Finds

You might be better off ditching this habit.

#stress #technology #news #mbgsupplements
Sarah Regan
June 28 2022

Sex Experts Share Their Best Tips For Taking A Great Nude With Confidence

"Nobody has to see the nude for the picture taking to have benefit. Taking a photo can be a powerful way to celebrate your body."

#libido #technology #body positivity #mbgsupplements
Gabrielle Kassel
June 17 2022

I'm A Longevity Specialist & These Are The 4 Products I Rely On For Deep Sleep

A functional medicine physician opens the bedroom door on her favorite sleep products.

#sleep #longevity #technology #mbgsupplements
Emma Loewe
June 15 2022

11 Last-Minute Gifts That Will Still Arrive By Father's Day

But hurry! You've got less than 10 days to shop.

#Vitamins #sleep #technology #holiday #mbgsupplements
Braelyn Wood
June 10 2022

I Cracked Four Phone Screens Before Swapping To This Compostable Case

I'm sure it's saved my phone's life more than once.

#technology #environmentalism
Sarah Regan
June 2 2022