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Is The Pill Hurting Your Sex Drive? This Doctor Says Yes

Is your birth control pill preventing more than just pregnancy?

#libido #relationships #sex
Prudence Hall
August 28 2017

5 Secrets To Making Online Dating Work For You (According To A Couples Therapist)

"The most important tip for successful dating (and even successful hooking up) is to be honest in your profile and your online interactions."

#dating #love #relationships
Robert Weiss, PhD, MSW
August 24 2017

Love Is Not The Most Important Thing In A Relationship: Here's What Is

If you had never met your significant other and someone told you their best and worst qualities, would they be someone you wanted to spend your life...

#dating #personal growth #relationships #self-awareness
Kate Eckman
August 22 2017

This One Question Saved My Marriage

I married the most thoughtless man I've ever dated, and now we couldn't be happier. This one question is how we got there.

#dating #happiness #marriage #personal growth #relationships
LeNae Goolsby
August 20 2017

You Can Train Your Brain To Be More Resilient Before Disaster Strikes. Here's How

A little laughter goes a long way.

#death #happiness #relationships
Leigh Weingus
August 16 2017

5 Secrets To Conscious Dating + How It Will Revolutionize Your Relationships

Have we been dating wrong this whole time?!

#dating #love #personal growth #relationships
Christian Sinclair
August 13 2017

This Is The Difference Between Conscious Sex & Mindless Hookups

"We all worry about climaxing, but by placing our attention on the 'goal,' we miss the juiciest, most compelling parts of coupling."

#personal growth #relationships #sex #sexuality
Wendy Strgar
August 11 2017

Turns Out Your Fear Of Rejection Isn't About Them — It's About You

This is what it takes to get over that fear of rejection once and for all.

#happiness #love #personal growth #relationships
Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
August 11 2017

Yes, There Is A 'Right' Way To Fight. Here's What You Need To Know

Stonewalling is definitely not on this list.

#love #relationships
Danielle Dowling, Psy.D.
August 10 2017

I Talked To 1,400 Strangers About The Intimate Details Of Their Sex Lives. Here's What I Learned

If we want to be amazing lovers and partners, we can be. Like anything else, it takes a bit of intentional practice.

#dating #marriage #relationships #sex
Jared Matthew Weiss
August 4 2017

3 Simple Communication Shifts That Deepen Intimacy & Connection

When we project our interpretation of reality onto others, there is an increased possibility for confusion in a relationship. But we can avoid this....

#communication #personal growth #relationships
Amelia Broughton
August 2 2017

Why Giving Up Hope For My Addict Son Was The Best Decision I've Ever Made

"I am the father of an addict. It’s a painful thing to say out loud. But it needs to be said."

#addiction #happiness #personal growth #relationships
An anonymous father
July 29 2017

4 Steps To Forgiving Those Who've Hurt You (Even When It Seems Impossible)

"Forgiveness means that you are willing to cancel the debt you feel someone owes to you, to surrender the hurt that you feel, and make peace with...

#forgiveness #happiness #love #personal growth #relationships

Why Developing A Self-Care Routine Is The Most Selfless Thing You Can Do

Self-care isn't selfish. Really.

#happiness #relationships #self-care
Dr. Bonnie Feldman
July 19 2017

The One Thing That Turns Ordinary Sex Into Extraordinary Lovemaking

"The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same."

#relationships #sex #sexuality
Wendy Strgar
July 15 2017

How Much Sex Are Real Couples Actually Having?

"I think I'm really lucky that I have a partner who has seen my body go through some crazy contortions through pregnancy, childbirth, post-pregnancy,...

#relationships #sex #sexuality
Leigh Weingus
July 13 2017

7 Qualities Of A Spiritual Relationship

This kind of relationship stands the test of time.

#abundance #personal growth #relationships #spirituality
Vishnu Subramaniam
July 9 2017

Why Holding On To Past Relationships Is The Worst Thing You Can Do For Yourself, Period

"I had anxiety about the decision, naturally—severing ties with my past and obliterating a huge comfort zone. But I had a future to step in to. I had...

#Journey #Purpose #happiness #personal growth #relationships
Daniel Dowling
July 6 2017

The 5 Stages Of Divorce (And How To Turn Your Relationship Around Before It's Too Late)

Is your relationship in a rough patch? Find out what signs to look for (and how to get your love back on track) from this relationship therapist.

#love #marriage #relationships
Debra Campbell, Ph.D.
June 20 2017

Getting Back Into The Honeymoon Phase Is About Connection, Not Communication

"In my 25 years of conflict-resolution work, I've come to believe that working on communication to fix a struggling marriage is a waste of time....

#dating #marriage #personal growth #relationships #sex
Jeff Forte
June 17 2017