Jared Matthew Weiss

Jared Matthew Weiss believes that self-expression is the key to freedom, and has spent his entire career building things that empower people to find their voices.

As an artist and entrepreneur, Weiss has been featured on The Today Show, Bravo, Tyra, MTV. He’s given talks at Penn, Harvard, TEDx, and for dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

In 2016, Jared created Touchpoint, a town hall about sex and partnership. It's an entertaining, interactive storytelling experience where more than a hundred people gather to share ideas and experiences around taboo topics such as BDSM, STIs, contraception, polyamory, masturbation, and more. So far, 1400 people have attended Touchpoint in New York City, and they publish original content on a weekly basis to 15,000 subscribers.

He asks a lot of questions, he's always in overalls, and he lives with his dog, Koj, in New York City. For more info about his work, talks, and all the things, check out lovejmw.com.

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