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A DIY Hawaiian Bath Soak For Colds, Sore Muscles & Dry Skin

Preparing it with a tropical twist makes it fun and even more enjoyable, making me dream of summer and good times.

#beauty #diy beauty #green living #mind body connection
Tori Robinson, BSc
March 20 2017

An Ancient Self-Touch Ritual Will Make Every Day Luxurious

Abhyanga is a luxurious Ayurvedic ritual that involves self-massage with warm oil all over the body.

#Ayurveda #beauty #mind body connection
Fern Olivia
March 18 2017

Is Screen Time Messing With Your Skin? A Derm's 7-Day Plan For Unplugging

Dr. Murad's 7-day eyes-up-from-your-computer challenge will make your skin glow and your eyes sparkle again. Oh, and you'll feel chill AF.

#beauty #mind body connection #technology
Dr. Howard Murad
March 10 2017

The Aromatherapy Secret Every French Girl Knows

No one quite understands the rose like the French, whose national perfume history runs deep and who sometimes start wearing their own as early as...

#aromatherapy #beauty #mind body connection

You'll Never Believe What Stress Can Do To Your Skin: An M.D. Explains

Dr. Howard Murad's whole-person approach to beauty and overall wellness is a passionate approach to looking and feeling good from the inside out.

#beauty #mind body connection
Dr. Howard Murad
February 9 2017
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How An LA Meditation Teacher Keeps His Calm All Day Long

A healthy lifestyle usually doesn't just happen overnight. It is often built slowly and intentionally by implementing one or two good habits at a...

#Paleo #gratitude #happiness #health #journaling
Light Watkins
February 7 2017

How To Use Gemstone Sex Toys For Self-Love & Beauty

Here are five ways to use Chakrub crystal sex toys for self-love and beauty.

#beauty #mind body connection #sex
Vanessa Cuccia
January 31 2017

This Trend Gives You The Benefits Of A Jog (Without Going Anywhere)

According to HigherDOSE co-founder Lauren Berlingeri, dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins are four benefits of infrared saunas—one of our...

#happiness #health #healthy reset #meditation #mind body connection
January 30 2017

Why Geodes Are The Next Wave Of High-Vibe Living

As natural elements go, geodes are a striking and potent way to incorporate nature into your home.

#crystals #mind body connection #nature
Emma Loewe
January 26 2017

Why I Quit My Corporate Job To Become A Hypnotherapist

Forget what you've seen in the stage shows or the Hollywood movies and think about it this way: Hypnosis is simply meditation with a goal.

#holistic healing #mind body connection #personal growth
Grace Smith
January 21 2017

Stop Trying To Slog Through Nietzsche. A Juicy Novel Can Sharpen Your Intellect, Too

New studies are showing that reading a novel can, in fact, transport you to a world beyond your own. (Definitely saw that coming, right?)

#mind body connection #mindfulness #personal growth
Dr. Mark Rubinstein
December 19 2016

The Simple Realization That Sparked My Sense Of Purpose

CrossFit champion and medical student Julie Foucher reflects on the importance of having a sense of purpose in this clip from #revitalize2016.

#crossfit #inspiration #mind body connection #self-awareness
December 9 2016

How To Wake Up More Beautiful Every Morning

Six ways to get up in the morning beautifully and joyously.

#beauty #mind body connection #wellness
Lindsay Cohn
December 6 2016

Tarot 101: What Tarot Is + What It Can Do For You

Everyone—yes, everyone—is born with intuitive abilities.

#inspiration #meditation #mind body connection #mindfulness #relationships
Theresa Reed
November 26 2016

Alluring Aphrodisiac Rituals To Awaken Your Inner Goddess

If you're looking for an aphrodisiac, ignore your boudoir and instead peek inside your beauty cabinet.

#aromatherapy #mind body connection #sex
Fern Olivia
November 6 2016

How I Healed My Relationship With Food & Stopped Dieting For Good

How to use food to nurture, not torture, yourself.

#food #healing #mind body connection
Danielle Eva Pewhairangi
October 23 2016

The 5 Stages Of Spiritual Enlightenment + How To Work Through Each One

Which stage are you in?

#mind body connection #personal growth #spirituality
Emma Mildon
September 28 2016

How To Become The Happiest Version Of Yourself, Every Single Morning

Ready to roll out of bed with some serious passion?

#energy #gratitude #happiness #mind body connection
Brock Cannon
September 24 2016

5 Simple Steps To Creating A Zen Bed For Your Best Ever Sleep

Five simple ways to create a Zen sleeping space to maximize your beauty sleep! In feng shui philosophy, the bedroom represents you and deeply impacts...

#body #feng shui #mind body connection #sleep
Anjie Cho
September 14 2016

Eat Your Way Calm With These Anxiety-Busting Foods

The foods we eat may directly affect our mental health.

#anxiety #food #mind body connection
Dr. Jeremy Wolf
September 9 2016