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A New Moon Ritual To Help You Start 2022 With A Fresh Slate

Bonus: It might even change your perspective on winter.

Emma Loewe
January 4

8 Rituals For Making Your Own Light On The Darkest Day Of The Year

Think of the solstice as a sacred gateway: an ending and a new beginning.

Barbara Biziou
December 20 2021

6 Quick But Powerful Ways To Boost Self-Love, From A Psychic Intuitive

Modeling self-love for others is a wonderful gift to offer the world.

Tanya Carroll Richardson
November 15 2021

I've Made It My Career To Care For Others — Here's How I Care For Myself

This past year has made many realize how vital community health is for our own individual wellness. Here's how one community organizer cares for...

Alexandra Engler
November 9 2021

The Essential Journaling Step That Most People Miss, From A Therapist

Reading through your journal can be just as powerful as writing in it.

Emma Loewe
September 3 2021

Do You Have Strong Self-Awareness? Here's How To Know & Build It

The more self-awareness you have, the better decisions you will make.

Linda Bark, Ph.D., R.N.
September 2 2021

What Does It Mean To Have A Strong Sense Of Self? 6 Signs To Look For

Your sense of self functions as your bouncer, reminding you of your higher purpose.

Julie Nguyen
August 28 2021