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5 Ways To Set (And Actually Achieve) Your Intentions, From Psych Experts

First, you need to understand the difference between goals and intentions.

Alex Shea
December 29 2022

A Simple Process For Transforming Disappointment Into Gratitude

There's always something that went well—and some lesson to be learned.

Tanya Carroll Richardson
December 20 2022

30+ Gratitude Journal Prompts, Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

Let yourself feel grateful, and then share it with the world.

Alex Shea
October 28 2022

How To Know If Your Inner Child Is Sabotaging Your Romantic Relationships

Many of us struggle with childhood wounds we don't even know we have.

Shannon Kaiser
August 18 2022

Why Radical Listening Is Essential To Allyship + How To Practice

Radical listening is a skill that is learned and not necessarily acquired.

Myisha T. Hill
August 9 2022