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Which Compression Boots Are The Best? Our Final Verdict On 2 Popular Brands

Plus, the benefits of compression therapy.

#Home Workout #inflammation
Kelsea Samson
a day ago

The Best Workouts For Longevity & How Often To Do Them, From An MD

Surprisingly, hopscotch makes the list.

#Home Workout #running #Walking #pilates #yoga
Kien Vuu, MD
April 14

Save Money & Hit Your Fitness Goals With These At-Home Water Rowing Machines

Could one machine replace all your at-home equipment?

#Home Workout
Kelsea Samson
April 7

This Low-Intensity Exercise Can Help Improve Your Sleep, Mood & Blood Pressure

There's a reason it's been used by people of all ages for thousands of years.

#depression #empowerment #Home Workout #sleep

These Online Dance Classes Are So Fun You'll Forget You're Working Out

A workout so fun it doesn't feel like work at all.

#Home Workout
Brittany Natale
March 1

You'll Love The 10 Best Cardio Machines Of 2023 (Even If You Hate Cardio)

Love it or hate it, cardio is key for a balanced approach to fitness.

#Home Workout
Jessica Timmons
February 28

A Foolproof Way To Reach Your Fitness Goals, According To A Certified Personal Trainer

Accountability from the comfort of your home.

#Home Workout
Kelsea Samson
February 21

A Low-Impact Exercise To Improve Coordination & Mental Clarity From Home

This low-impact movement packs a big punch.

#Home Workout
Christie Calucchia
February 20

The Best Online Cycling Classes, From A Triathlete & Avid Cycler

These classes are sure to get you sweating.

#Home Workout
Jamey Powell
February 18

Knee Pain Slowing You Down? A Podiatrist's Tips For How To Choose The Right Shoes

Sweet relief with every step.

#Walking #running #pain #Home Workout
Jamey Powell
January 21

I'm A CPT & This Piece Of Workout Equipment Is A Must-Have For All Fitness Levels

Support your body from squat to press.

#Home Workout #Strength Training #Bodyweight Workout
Kelsea Samson
January 20

6 Affordable Treadmills To Help You Stay Active & Reach Your Step Goals From Home

Less money, more mileage.

#Home Workout #Walking #running
Nicole LaMarco
January 16