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The One Thing This Neuroanatomist Does When Stress & Panic Creep In

We've been trained to believe our left brain is rational while our right brain is emotional.

This Underrated Sleep Stage Is Essential For Waking Up Rested

Every night when we first start nodding off, we enter stage 1 sleep.

Sarah Regan
April 30

Research Finds New Link Between Sleep & Dementia Risk In Middle-Aged Adults

It's no secret that sleep is essential for a number of our body's functions.

Sarah Regan
April 21

All About Aphantasia: The Mysterious Inability To Visualize Things In Your Mind

For a small percentage of the population, visualizing is effectively impossible.

Sarah Regan
April 20

Is Perfectionism Keeping You From Your Skin Care Goals? How To Overcome It

As a loud and proud Type A+++, here's how you can leverage your perfectionism to pay dividends for your skin.